Ikonna Gel Curing UV Lamp Nail Dryer - 45 Watt

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Get the perfect manicure every time with an Ikonna Gel Curing UV Lamp Nail Dryer from MassageTools. The 45-watt lamp is wide enough to dry two hands or feet at a time and is fully enclosed for added protection and faster drying. When used on gel polish mode, the lamp produces an ultraviolet light that cures and hardens at the same time. When drying nail polish, the UV light can be switched off and a fan can be activated to help speed dry times without damaging or distorting the design. The lamp comes pre-programmed with several different settings for gels, top coats or nail polish. Choose from drying sessions lasting 120 seconds, 189 seconds, 240 seconds and 300 seconds with or without UV light. When drying gel polish, users have the option of activating the lamp's full 45 watts of power (provided by five separate 9-watt bulbs).

• Accommodates two hands or feet
• 45 watts
• 5 bulbs with 9 watts each