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Advanced Myofascial Techniques - Spine & Lower Back

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Spine and Lower Back with Til Luchau

Volume 2 of 5: Spine and Lower Back (Includes two DVD's and Workbook)

Learn Advanced Myofascial Techniques that dramatically improve your skills for relieving chronic back pain and spinal fixations, easing diaphragm and rib issues, increasing spine mobility, and more.

a. AXIAL RELEASE SEQUENCE Girdle/Axial Decompression Ribcage Release Vertebral Mobility: Spinous Processes Lamina Groove Neck/Torso Release
b. LATERAL SEQUENCE Mesentery Release Spine/Ribcage Differentiation Lumbar Space Rectus Abdominis: Attachments Diaphragm Release Occiput/Sacrum Hold
c. SPINAL FLEX./EXT. SEQUENCE Analysis: Spinal Flex & Extension Anterior Thoracic Fascia Erector Group Flexion Fixed Facets Extension Fixed Facets Vertebral Rotations: Unwinding Posterior Cervicals: Wedges
d. INTEGRATION SEQUENCE Psoas Atlas/Occiput Wedge SI Wedge Seated Back Work
e. SUPPLEMENTAL TECHNIQUES (not shown in 2-day courses) Sternum Points Pectoralis Major SCM: Sternal Attachments Anterior Scalenes Iliocostalis Pelvis/Ribcage Counter-Twists A/P Rib Release Iliac crest Rectus Abdominis: Lifting Costo-Vertebral Joints Extension Fixed Facets: Seated Vertebral Chain Presented by Certified Advanced Rolfer and Rolf Institute® faculty member Til Luchau, (along with the faculty), this program includes edited recording of actual live trainings.

Viewing the DVD along with the accompanying 40+ page, photo-rich manual is an information-packed, easy-to-follow way to learn new techniques or review a course. The 5-part Advanced Myofascial Techniques series gives practicing manual therapists and massage therapists unique, interesting, and fresh approaches that will increase effectiveness, inspire innovation and lead to increased client satisfaction.

The Advanced Myofascial Techniques Certification Program is administered through

The 5 principal workshops in the Advanced Myofascial Techniques series include:

Arm, Wrist, & Shoulder
Pelvis, Hip & Sacrum
Legs, Knees & Feet
Neck, Jaw & Head
Spine & Lower back