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Living Earth Crafts

Living Earth Crafts - Mystia Pedicure Chair

  • Foundations High Desert
  • Foundations Creme
  • Foundations Designer White
  • Foundations Starshine
  • Studio Pearl (+$300)
  • Studio Tusk (+$300)
  • Studio Night Pearl (+$300)
  • SwingAway Side Trays (+$395)
  • Center Manicure Tray (includes SwingAway Side Trays) (+$595)
  • Designer White Linear
  • Coffee Bean Linear
  • Black Linear
  • Slate Grey
  • Blonde Echo
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Living Earth Crafts - Mystia Pedicure Chair is the modern answer to the classic pedicure chair. The sleek, clean lines perfectly complement the serene, Zen-like atmosphere of a luxurious spa. Unlike typical bulky pedicure chairs, this Living Earth crafts massage chair is perfect for smaller spaces. The clever TuckAway™ foot rest and TuckAway™ footbath slides out when needed and slides back conveniently underneath when not in use. Living Earth Crafts massage chair features a beautifully crafted hammered, copper bowl that will garner lots of compliments. Made with Strata™ memory foam cushioning, the Living Earth Crafts massage chair comforts clients for the ultimate relaxing experience. Choose from multiple features to design the pedicure chair that fits your exact needs.

Basic Model comes complete with the TuckAway™ foot rest and foot bath with hammered copper bowl.

• Flip-up Side Shelves
• Nail Tray
• 7" Footrest (for use during manicure) 
• Flip-Up Side Shelves 
• Submersible Pump (used with TuckAway™ Footbath) 
• Filler Hose (used with TuckAway™ Footbath) 
• Pedi Stool
• Pedi Trolley
• Tilt Option
• Luxury Promessa™ Upholstery

• Overall: 33" W x 29" D x 37.5" H
• Sitting Area: 26" W x 20" D x 20" H
• Arm to Arm: 33" (add 2" for flip-up arms when folded down)
• Flip Upside Table Extensions Shelves: 8" W x 22" D
• Footprint: 32" W x 22" D
• Tuckaway™ Leg Support adds 21" to overall depth
• Tuckaway™ Padded Section: 6.5" D x 25.5" W x 2" H
• Opening for Tuckaway™: 26" W x 12" H x 22" D

Key Features
• Strata™ 4" Memory Foam Cushioning System
• Basic Package includes Natursoft™ upholstery in 16 Color
• Custom Milled Avonite™
• No Plumbing Required