Comparing Body and Massage Oil

Posted by MassageTools Staff on Nov 11th 2016

Since body oils and massage oils are both oils it is natural to think they are similar, if not the same, but there are stark differences between the two. The skin absorbs body oils and massage oils in different ways, providing two distinct outcomes: Body oils help to create soft and silky skin while massage oils work to relax tense muscles.

The Composition of Oils

Body and massage oils are both a combination of carrier oils and essential oils. Carrier oils typically come from plants and are created when things like nuts, seeds or kernels are pressed.

Body oils include richer carrier oils that absorb quickly into the skin. This helps the skin remain soft and silky. Body oils can be used in lighter massages, but they are not specifically made for deeper massages and will not perform as well as massage oils, which include carrier oils that glide more smoothly during massage.

Since massage oils apply smoother, they can better help relax muscles and require fewer applications. The difference between body oils and massage oils is the type of carrier oils used and the ratio to essential oils. Each serves a unique and different purpose.

The Best Massage Oils

Massage oils come in a wide range of types. At MassageTools, we stock the finest massage oils for your practice. We found that massage oils can make a big impact on how clients feel during their treatment. A smooth and rich oil can leave a better impression than one that is slimy and sticky. The right oil will offer a better treatment and make the client feel more relaxed and pampered.

At MassageTools, we offer top brands like Biotone, Aromaland and Sacred Earth. We offer scented and unscented oils, nut-free oils for clients with allergies and an entire line of oils that are USDA-certified.