Are Facial Steamers Good for Dry Eyes?

Posted by MassageTools Staff on Aug 24th 2016

The moisturizing benefits of a facial steam treatment can also relieve those itchy, often painful dry eyes. The soothing steam and heat can help eyes produce more moisture for instant and continuing relief. The steam from a home or salon facial treatment produces heat that can help tears flow, moisturizing your eyes. Because some eye dryness is the result of sinus congestion or other ailments, the steam also helps by cleansing the skin of viruses and germs. When you're not at the salon, use a warm washcloth to clean the dry area, and always wash your hands.

If you suffer from dry eyes, you're not alone. Researchers and major hospital associations report that dry eyes affects 15 percent of the population in the United States alone. It can worsen with age, affecting 5 million people over the age of 50. It happens when the natural tears form a film to protect your eyes becomes inadequate. It can cause discomfort and affect your vision. But help is at hand with facial steam therapy.

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