Our Pick: Best Large Towel Cabinet

Posted by MassageTools Staff on Nov 15th 2016

Hot towels are simply one of the best parts of receiving a massage. Whether it is at the end of an invigorating deep tissue massage or a relaxing Swedish massage, a hot towel can make a client feel pampered and already thinking about their next trip to the massage.

Professional Grade

To provide these towels, professional massage businesses need a number of different towel warmers. Many use smaller warmers in individual massage rooms, but there is also a need for a central towel warmer. Not only can this be used to warm towels before they go to smaller warmers, they can act as a backup for especially busy days.

While there are many towel warmers on the market, it can be difficult to find the right large towel heater. Since these tend to be a large investment, businesses will want to make sure they pick the right one. That's why we recommend the Watkins Towel Steamer 360, which you can find on MassageTools.

This towel steamer can accommodate up to 360 towels. It is perfect for hotel spas and salons or any retreat that caters to a steady stream of cliental.

Ready to Go

Each towel will come out moist and steamy. Forget about pre-moistening because who has time for that?

A large reservoir assures that the towel are properly moistened and sanitized. A temperature gage allows you to regulate the heat from 90 degrees Fahrenheit up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. It's a great pick for businesses both small and large.

Hot towels are one of the great parts of a massage. More than anything, it makes the client feel special. While hot towels are common at spas, most people are not used to get a hot towel in their everyday life. It's a special bonus that you provide. Make sure you always have enough towels with the Watkins Towel Steamer 360.