Best High Frequency Facial Steamers

Posted by MassageTools Staff on Aug 24th 2016

Today's savvy salon owners and solo massage therapists are investing in high-frequency facial steamers to combat the effects of aging and acne on sensitive skin. High-frequency facial steam machines also help tone and brighten skin.

High-frequency facial steamers can relieve puffy eyes, help fade dark circles under the eyes and shrink enlarged pores. These specially equipped facial steamers attack the signs of aging by reducing the appearance of wrinkles, creases and fine lines. They warm the skin to allow better absorption of special lotions or gels.

Basically, these facial machines operate "violet rays" at high frequencies of up to 100,000 to 250,000 cycles per second (also called Hertz). This produces a gentle, safe high-frequency electrical current that produces heat. It's a safe non-invasive way to treat skin problems when used in sessions lasting only a few minutes.

Professionals turn to MassageTools for high-frequency facial steamers because of the lower negotiated prices on top brands for these marvelous machines. For example, the Derma Queen 6203 high-frequency facial steamer by Mosty is now on sale at This sturdy facial device has an all-metal housing and durable internal components, including four violet ray electrodes.

The EquiPro Infraderm 11300 High Frequency Facial Machine is a high-frequency facial steamer that delivers targeted thermal treatments using three electrodes in different shapes and sizes for versatility. It's a compact machine that generates electricity through a rapid oscillation process to stimulate or calm facial muscles. The plus of this Canadian-made facial steamer is its precision intensity controls.

Another high-tech facial machine we like is our exclusive Spa Luxe Digital Facial Steamer & Magnifying Combo Kit with independent ozone and power switches. Our in-house Spa Luxe brand facial steamers, tables and massage chairs offer premium quality at affordable prices. Often, our Spa Luxe facial steamers and other equipment offer the same or more extras at much lower prices. When you shop our website, always consider our Spa Luxe massage tools first.

At MassageTools, you can find a variety of high-frequency facial steamer styles available at prices that will fit your budget. Enjoy free shipping on qualifying order. With our 30-day returns policy, you can shop online with confidence. If you have questions about these advanced facial treatment units, consult our expert staff.