What is the Best Massage for Neck Pain?

Posted by MassageTools Staff on Nov 15th 2016

Neck pain can quickly debilitate a person, but massage in the right places can help relieve tension in the neck. Neck pain sufferers can also receive a type of massage called myofascial release that can provide added benefits.

Work Around the Neck

When a person's neck hurts, the things most would expect to do is massage the neck itself. In reality, that is not helpful and can actually make neck problems worse. One of the best things about massage is that it can help the entire body feel better and that is the case of neck massage.

For neck pain, it's best to massage the areas around the neck. That includes the shoulders and upper back, but also the arms, chest, lower back and even the legs. By relaxing the whole body, neck pain can subside or least lessen in severity. Massaging the neck directly when it hurts, even gently, can sometimes increase the pain people face, which is contrary to what most people would think.

Myofascial Release

Another method that massage therapists use to treat neck pain is myofascial release or MFR. This is an alternative medicine therapy that can help release tension. When used on the face and jaw, it can help reduce tension in the fascia, connective tissue that surround nearly every part of the body.

While focusing this on the face, jaw and neck, it can help relieve overall pain in the neck. While traditional massage may work better, there are massage therapists that swear by the use of myofascial release.

The key thing to remember with neck pain is that all parts of the body are connected. By working massage on parts of the body that surround the neck, people can get relief without risking further injury to their neck. If you are experiencing neck pain, talk with a massage therapist about the best treatment for your specific condition.