Best Massage Oil for Cellulite

Posted by MassageTools Staff on Nov 16th 2016

Men and women both want to get rid of cellulite, but doing so can be difficult. With the right massage oils, though, people can help reduce the amount of unsightly cellulite while relaxing their muscles and improving their overall health.

In particular, people will want to look for massage oils that include fennel or geranium. Both are especially good at helping reduce the amount of cellulite that people have.

Massage oils are made up of carrier oils and essential oils. The carrier oils help relieve muscle tension and improving a person's skin, while the essential oils can add a wide range of benefits. Most massage oils contain three or more essential oils and people can create their own mixtures depending on the type of results they would like.

For people that want to get rid of cellulite, fennel and geranium are two great essential oils to try.

The Power of Fennel

Fennel has potent diuretic properties that help speed up the body's elimination of stored up waste materials. It also reduces the prevalence of water retention in tissue, so people will feel less bloated. Fennel can also help break up fatty deposits underneath the surface of the skin, so treatments can greatly improve the appearance of cellulite.

Use Geranium

Geranium is another excellent choice. Geranium improves circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system that helps diminish water retention and eliminate toxins. Mix geranium with a tablespoon of coconut oil and massage into any areas with cellulite. That will help promote healing and, over time, reduce the amount of cellulite.

There are other essential oils that can be helpful as well. Those include grapefruit, juniper and lemongrass, just to name a few.

Having cellulite can make people feel self-conscious. With the right essential oils, though, and some massage, you can fight back against cellulite and improve the problem with just a few sessions.