Choosing the Best Massage Table Cart

Posted by The MassageTools Team on Nov 9th 2023

Choosing the perfect cart for your massage table is crucial for professionals in the spa and beauty industry. It ensures efficient mobility and enhances the quality of services you provide to your clients. Let’s investigate what it takes to choose a truly great massage table cart:

Features to Consider

When searching for a new massage table cart, specific features should be on your radar. First and foremost, assess the size and weight capacity of the cart. It must comfortably accommodate your massage table and handle its weight. Additionally, prioritize carts equipped with robust wheels capable of maneuvering across various terrains.

Durability is another vital aspect to consider. Given the daily wear and tear that massage table carts endure, especially for traveling masseuses, opt for carts crafted from high-quality materials that can withstand frequent use. Remember, investing in a durable cart will ultimately save you money.

Types of Massage Table Carts

A variety of massage table carts are available, each tailored to specific needs. Some are designed for lightweight tables, while others cater to heavier ones. Foldable carts are also an option for those concerned about storage space. When making your selection, factor in the type of massage table you possess and the locations you frequently travel to.

Wheel design is another consideration. Certain carts feature larger wheels, ideal for rough terrains, while others are suited for smoother surfaces. It’s essential to choose a cart that aligns with the conditions you encounter regularly.

Budget and Brand Considerations

Price is a significant determinant in your decision-making process. While it may be tempting to opt for the most budget-friendly option, keep in mind that quality and durability often come at a slightly higher cost. It’s a more prudent choice to invest in a slightly more expensive cart that will prove to be long-lasting, rather than continually replacing a cheaper alternative.

Furthermore, consider the reputation of the brand. Established brands typically offer better customer service and warranty options. Reading reviews and seeking recommendations from fellow professionals can provide valuable insights.

Tips for Maintaining Your Massage Table Cart

Just like any other tool in your arsenal, your massage table cart requires care to ensure its longevity. Here are some tips to help you maintain your cart:

  • Opt for carts that are easy to clean and maintain. Materials that are resistant to rust or corrosion can be a plus, especially if you’re in areas with higher humidity.
  • Consider carts with replaceable parts. Wheels, for instance, might wear out with time. Being able to replace them without buying a whole new cart can save you money in the long run.
  • Look for massage table carts with locking mechanisms to ensure the table stays securely in place during transportation. Non-slip surfaces or wheel locks can provide added security, especially on inclined surfaces or when loading and unloading the table.
  • Some brands produce massage table carts using sustainable materials or processes that have a lower carbon footprint. If being eco-friendly aligns with your values, seek out these options.

Custom Craftworks Solutions Table Cart vs. Master Massage Universal Table Cart

Custom Craftworks Solutions Table Cart

  • Price: $89.00
  • Key Features: Can hold tables up to 36 inches wide. Lightweight at just 6.7 pounds. Compact dimensions when folded: 27″ long, 13″ wide, 9.5″ high.
  • 1-year limited warranty.
  • Description: This cart is ideal for therapists on the go. The metal frame ensures stability, and the lightweight design makes it convenient for transport. Its ability to hold tables up to 36 inches wide offers versatility for various massage table sizes.

Master Massage Universal Table Cart

  • Price: Was $149.90, Now: $129.99 (13% savings)
  • Key Features: Designed for maximum ergonomic comfort. Reliable and sturdy construction. Telescoping handle and improved 6″ wheels. Fits all brands up to 32″ tables in their carry case.
  • Description: This table cart stands out due to its ergonomic design, ensuring ease of use for therapists. The telescoping handle and improved wheels offer smooth maneuverability, making it a favorite among professionals. It’s also versatile, fitting all table brands up to 32″ in their carry case.


  • Price: The Custom Craftworks cart is more affordable at $89.00, while the Master Massage cart, even after a discount, is priced at $129.99.
  • Weight Capacity: Both carts can accommodate a variety of massage tables, but the Custom Craftworks cart has a slight edge, fitting tables up to 36 inches wide compared to Master Massage’s 32 inches.
  • Design & Construction: While both carts are designed for durability and ease of use, the Master Massage cart emphasizes ergonomic comfort, making it potentially more user-friendly.
  • Weight: The Custom Craftworks cart is incredibly lightweight at 6.7 pounds, which might be a deciding factor for therapists frequently on the move.


Do both carts come with warranties?

Yes, the Custom Craftworks cart comes with a 1-year limited warranty. The warranty details for the Master Massage cart aren’t specified but can be checked with the manufacturer.

Can I use these carts for other purposes, or are they exclusive to massage tables?

While designed for massage tables, their sturdy construction means they could potentially be used for other lightweight equipment. However, it’s best to check the specific weight limits and dimensions.

What’s the main difference between the two carts?

The primary difference lies in their design and price point. The Master Massage cart emphasizes ergonomic comfort, while the Custom Craftworks cart is more affordable and lightweight.

Are the delivery charges the same for both carts?

Both products offer multiple delivery options with varying charges. It’s best to check with the respective sellers for specific delivery charges to your location.

Can the carts handle rough terrains or stairs?

Both carts are designed to be sturdy, but if you frequently encounter stairs or rough terrains, it’s advisable to choose a cart with larger wheels and stair glides, like the Master Massage cart.


In conclusion, selecting the right massage table cart is a crucial decision for professionals in the spa and beauty industry. It directly impacts your ability to provide top-notch services to your clients. When making your choice, consider essential features such as size, weight capacity, durability, and wheel design. Invest wisely, prioritizing quality and long-term durability over immediate cost savings.

Additionally, factor in your specific needs, whether you have a lightweight or heavy table, and the types of terrains you frequently encounter. Your cart should align with these requirements to ensure smooth and efficient mobility.

Remember that established brands often provide better customer support and warranty options. Reading reviews and seeking recommendations from peers can guide you towards a reliable choice.