Exploring Massage Side Arm Bolsters: A Guide for Salon and Spa Owners

Posted by The MassageTools Team on Nov 9th 2023

Welcome to a comprehensive resource about massage side arm bolsters, focusing on their uses, types, and benefits. This guide is designed to equip salon and spa owners with the information needed to make informed decisions. So let’s delve into the nuanced world of massage side arm bolsters without any further ado.

Why Use Massage Side Arm Bolsters in Salons and Spas

In the realm of massage therapy, it’s often the little things that make a big difference. One such accessory that elevates the massage experience is the side arm bolster. This tool enhances client comfort, aligns the body properly, and even alleviates the physical strain on therapists.

The primary function of these bolsters is to augment comfort for the client. Extra support to the arms and shoulders minimizes pressure points, allowing the client to relax without any tension in the upper body. These bolsters also serve to improve body alignment, particularly when a client lies face down. They offer a natural resting place for the arms, avoiding any awkward angles or muscle strains.

Last but not least, therapists can benefit from reduced muscle strain. Side arm bolsters render manual arm support unnecessary, thereby reducing physical demand on therapists. This allows for a more focused and effective massage session.

Key Scenarios Where Massage Side Arm Bolsters Are Most Effective

Massage side arm bolsters aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution. They shine brightest when used in specific types of massages, each presenting its own set of challenges and requirements.

Prenatal Massages

When it comes to prenatal massages, the challenges are unique. Pregnant clients often find it difficult to lie in a single position for an extended period. A side arm bolster can give the additional arm and shoulder support necessary for a more comfortable experience.

Sports Massages

Athletes and physically active clients present another scenario. These clients usually require intense focus on specific muscle groups. Here, side arm bolsters allow the client to maintain a comfortable arm position while the therapist works on other parts of the body.

Deep Tissue Massages

In deep tissue massages, the intensity of the pressure may require the client to brace themselves somewhat. Side arm bolsters offer the requisite support and stability, helping clients engage in the massage without feeling any discomfort in their arms or shoulders.

Choosing from the Various Types of Massage Side Arm Bolsters

Market shelves are teeming with different types of side arm bolsters, each having unique features to suit various needs. Understanding these can help salon and spa owners decide which bolster is the best fit for their establishment.

Memory Foam Bolsters

These bolsters are popular for their custom-fit feel, conforming to the individual client’s arm shape. They offer robust durability and excellent pressure point relief. However, they usually come at a higher price, requiring an initial investment that some might find steep.

Inflatable Bolsters

An option for those who seek versatility and portability, inflatable bolsters are easy to adjust and store. They usually come with a sturdy PVC build. However, they need careful inflation and placement to ensure they stay in position during a massage.

Wedge Bolsters

Wedge bolsters are designed for targeted support, particularly useful for clients who need relief in specific areas like the wrist or shoulder. While they offer excellent support, they also require more precise placement, often involving a conversation with the client to get the positioning just right.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Selecting Massage Side Arm Bolsters

Finding the perfect bolster is no small feat. This step-by-step guide aims to streamline the selection process for salon and spa owners.

Step 1: Gauge Client Preferences

Understanding your client base’s needs is the cornerstone of selecting the right bolster. Take note of what your clients prefer in terms of cushioning and support.

Step 2: Keep Therapist Comfort in Mind

Don’t overlook the people who will be using these bolsters daily: your therapists. Opt for designs that are ergonomic and easy to handle during sessions.

Step 3: Assess Durability and Quality

For a long-lasting return on your investment, scrutinize the material and build quality. A well-constructed bolster will save you from frequent replacements.

Step 4: Match Quality with Budget

It’s crucial to find a balance between quality and affordability. Setting a realistic budget helps in narrowing down options without compromising on essential features.

Side Arm Bolsters and Extensions for Massage Tables: A Comprehensive Comparison

The Need for Side Arm Bolsters

Imagine this: You’re a massage therapist, and your client is not entirely comfortable because the table is too narrow. Side arm bolsters and extensions can be a lifesaver. They offer an efficient and cost-effective way to increase the width of your table, making it more comfortable for your clients. Here, we’ll compare three such products: Oakworks Side Arm Bolsters, Spa Luxe – Side Arm Bolster Extenders, and Custom Craftworks – Bolster Side Arm Extensions.

Oakworks Side Arm Bolsters

Overview and Features

For a price of $90, Oakworks offers Side Arm Bolsters that are easy to attach and remove from any massage table.

The bolsters are 3 inches wide and 26 inches long, designed to add more width to your existing setup. Moreover, they come in more than a dozen premium fabric options. Essentially, these bolsters are your go-to for versatility and quality.

Shipping and Support

If the shipping destination is beyond 1037, Oakworks provides three levels of freight shipping options. The cheapest is Ground Curbside Delivery for $195, requiring you to move the items indoors yourself. The priciest option is White Glove Delivery for $595, a turnkey service that delivers, unpacks, and sets up the bolsters in your desired room. The company also promises 5-star support and secure payments.

Spa Luxe – Side Arm Bolster Extenders

Overview and Features

Priced at $49 after an 18% discount from the original $60, the Spa Luxe extenders add a remarkable 8 inches of width to your table. The package includes two 4-inch by 27-inch rectangular bolsters with straps for easy attachment. These extenders come in a neutral beige color and can fit tables up to 36 inches wide. The product weighs only 2.1 pounds, making it easy to transport.

Shipping and Support

Spa Luxe offers similar shipping options to Oakworks, ranging from Ground Curbside Delivery for $195 to White Glove Delivery for $595. The company assures safe payments and prides itself on its extensive product knowledge, allowing you to make an informed choice.

Custom Craftworks – Bolster Side Arm Extensions

Overview and Features

Available for $111, Custom Craftworks offers arm extensions that are 5 inches wide and 19.5 inches long. These hand-upholstered extensions are available in 10 different colors and can be easily strapped to your table.

They offer an added layer of versatility to your massage sessions, especially if you need to focus on the shoulder and arm areas.

Shipping and Support

Just like the other two options, Custom Craftworks also provides three levels of freight shipping, ranging from $195 to $595. The company is an authorized dealer for top brands and offers trusted SSL protection for payments.

Comparison Table

FeatureOakworksSpa LuxeCustom Craftworks
Width Added3 inches8 inches5 inches
Length26 inches27 inches19.5 inches
WeightNot specified2.1 poundsNot specified
Color Options12+Beige10
Shipping Options3 levels3 levels3 levels
Additional FeaturesFabric strapsVelcro strapsHand-upholstered

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right side arm bolsters or extensions is essential for providing a comfortable and tailored experience for your clients. Oakworks is an excellent option for those who desire customization, Spa Luxe for those who need added width, and Custom Craftworks for those focusing on arm and shoulder therapy. Make sure to also consider shipping costs and additional features to get the best value for your investment.

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