Massage Table Skates: Is It Worth Getting One?

Posted by The MassageTools Team on Nov 9th 2023

Massage table skates aren’t just about mobility. They represent convenience, efficiency, and enhanced client experience. Professionals in the massage industry understand the importance of investing in quality tools. A skate system for your massage table can be that game-changing addition.

Why Invest in Massage Table Skates?

For spa owners and beauticians, time is of the essence. Moving massage tables between rooms or adjusting for clients can be cumbersome. Enter massage table skates. These nifty devices allow seamless movement of massage tables. Not only do they save time, but they also prevent potential back injuries from lifting heavy tables.

Moreover, for professionals dedicated to offering the best experience, these skates provide stability. There’s no wobbling or unexpected movement during a session. Thus, clients enjoy a more secure and relaxed massage experience.

Features to Consider

When shopping for massage table skates, it’s crucial to consider certain features. The wheels, for instance, should be smooth and durable. They should glide easily without leaving marks on the floor.

Additionally, ensure the skates fit your table’s legs securely. Adjustable skates offer flexibility, fitting different table designs. Also, look for skates with a locking mechanism. This ensures that the table remains stationary during a massage.

Making the Right Choice

The market offers a variety of massage table skates. While some might be tempted by flashy designs, focus on functionality. Read reviews, ask peers, and consider your specific needs. Some skates might be perfect for hardwood floors but not for carpets. Being informed aids in making the right choice.

Benefits of Using Massage Table Skates

Beyond the obvious advantage of mobility, massage table skates offer a plethora of benefits. For one, they protect your flooring. Whether it’s hardwood or carpet, dragging heavy tables can cause wear and tear. With skates, you effortlessly move the table, preserving your floor’s aesthetics.

There’s also an element of professionalism. When a client sees that you’ve invested in equipment that enhances their experience and ensures their safety, trust is built. It subtly communicates that you prioritize their comfort and well-being.

Maintenance and Care

Like all equipment in a spa or massage center, table skates need maintenance. Regularly check the wheels for any debris or hair that might impede smooth movement. Clean them with a damp cloth and, if necessary, a mild detergent.

Also, periodically inspect the locking mechanism. Ensure it’s functioning correctly. This not only guarantees the client’s safety but also extends the lifespan of the skates.

Incorporating Skates in Various Massage Techniques

Different massage techniques might require moving the table during the session. For instance, during a hot stone massage, you might need to access equipment or supplies situated in another part of the room. With table skates, transitions become seamless.

For techniques like deep tissue or sports massage, where pressure and movement are integral, a stable base is crucial. Skates with a reliable locking mechanism ensure the table remains stationary, allowing the therapist to focus solely on the client.

Choosing the Right Brand

While the market is flooded with various brands, not all are created equal. When selecting massage table skates, consider the brand’s reputation. Established brands often have a track record of quality and durability. Also, consider warranty and customer support. Brands that stand by their products and offer robust customer service are preferable.

Product Review: Earthlite – Table Skate

The Earthlite Table Skate, priced at a now discounted $89.10 from its original $99.00, promises convenience and mobility for massage professionals. Having personally tried it, here’s a comprehensive review:

Design and Build

Earthlite has a reputation for crafting sturdy and reliable massage equipment, and their Table Skate is no exception. Made with high-quality materials, it feels robust, ensuring longevity even with daily use.


The skate genuinely delivers on its promise of “rolling your table wherever you go.” The movement is smooth and free of any wobbles, ensuring that the massage table, whether it’s of the Earthlite brand or not, remains secure.


Installing the skate onto a massage table is straightforward. It fits snugly and can be quickly attached or detached, making it convenient for professionals on the move.


With a 10% discount, the Earthlite Table Skate offers good value for money. It’s a worthy investment for those looking to enhance their massage service delivery without breaking the bank.


While the product itself is commendable, it’s essential to note the shipping costs. The Ground Curbside Delivery ($195) seems steep, especially if you’re only purchasing the skate. However, the White Glove Delivery ($595) is a premium service that might appeal to those wanting a hassle-free setup.

Rating: 4.5/5


Does the Earthlite Table Skate fit all massage table brands?

While primarily designed for Earthlite tables, the skate is versatile enough to fit most standard-sized massage tables.

What’s the weight limit for the skate?

The product description doesn’t specify a weight limit, but given Earthlite’s reputation for quality, it’s likely sturdy enough for most massage tables and their equipment.

Is assembly required?

No, the skate comes pre-assembled. You only need to attach it to your massage table.

How does the Price Match Guarantee work?

Earthlite promises to match the price if you find the same product at a lower delivered cost elsewhere.

What is the return policy?

The product description doesn’t detail a return policy. However, given Earthlite’s customer-centric approach, they likely have a fair return and exchange policy in place.


Massage table skates aren’t just an accessory; they’re an upgrade to your professional toolkit. If you’re keen on improving your service and client experience, consider investing in a set. And for more insights on the latest in the massage industry, don’t forget to check out our latest blog post: Dermalogic Massage Stone Heater: A Game Changer for Professionals