Pregnancy Massage Table: Beat the Discomfort with Earthlite

Posted by The MassageTools Team on Nov 24th 2023

The journey of pregnancy is a transformative and remarkable experience for expectant mothers, filled with both joy and challenges. Alongside the excitement, however, come various physical discomforts and stress. This is where the significance of pregnancy massage and accessories comes into play. 

Pregnancy massage is a specialized form of therapy that offers a range of benefits tailored specifically to the needs of pregnant individuals. Here at Massage Tools we take pregnancy massage and accessories seriously and offer a vast assortment of high-quality products.

In this article, we will delve into the key advantages of pregnancy massage. We will also explore why it is an essential practice for expectant mothers, providing insights and guidance for both pregnant individuals and massage therapists.

Understanding the Importance of Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is a specialised form of therapy that offers tailored benefits to expectant mothers, addressing the physical discomforts and stress that can accompany pregnancy. Promoting relaxation, relieving muscle tension, and reducing anxiety, enhances overall well-being. 

This type of massage can effectively alleviate common pregnancy-related issues like back pain, joint stiffness, and swelling, providing relief and improving the mother’s comfort throughout all stages of pregnancy.

While the advantages of pregnancy massage are numerous, it is crucial to prioritize the expertise of professional therapists with specialized training in this field. These therapists possess the necessary techniques and knowledge of contraindications to ensure the safety and well-being of both the mother and the baby. 

In the upcoming section, we will delve into the safety considerations that therapists should consider when providing massage therapy to pregnant clients, exploring techniques to adapt and ensure a secure and comfortable experience for expectant mothers.

Pregnancy Massage Safety Considerations 

When it comes to providing massage therapy to pregnant clients, safety is of paramount importance. Pregnant individuals undergo physiological and anatomical changes that require careful attention during a massage session. As a massage therapist, it’s crucial to be aware of these considerations and adapt your techniques accordingly to ensure a safe and beneficial experience for your clients.

Communication is Key

Prior to the massage, engage in detailed consultation with the expectant mother to gather information about her pregnancy, any specific concerns or discomforts, and any medical conditions or complications that may affect the massage session. This information will help you tailor the massage to address her individual needs and ensure safety.

Consider the Positioning

Certain positions become uncomfortable or even unsafe for the mother and the baby. It’s important to have specialized equipment like pregnancy massage tables that offer proper support and allow the client to lie comfortably on their side or in a semi-reclined position. These tables are designed to accommodate the growing belly and relieve pressure on specific areas.

Techniques to Avoid

Furthermore, it’s crucial to avoid certain techniques and areas during a pregnancy massage. Deep tissue massage, high-temperature treatments like hot stone massage, and deep pressure on the abdomen or lower back should be avoided. Instead, focus on gentle and soothing techniques that promote relaxation and alleviate discomfort.

Earthlite Spirit Pregnancy Massage Table Package Review

Pregnancy massage table

The Earthlite Spirit Pregnancy Massage Table Package has carved a niche in the world of professional massage therapy. Combining innovation with functionality, this table promises an unparalleled massage experience for every client.

The Magic of Dual-Purpose Design

A brilliant feature of this table is its adaptability. For pregnant clients, the table transforms seamlessly with a removable plug, ensuring maximum comfort without any strain on their bellies. But this table isn’t limited to just pregnancy needs. When the special requirements of pregnancy aren’t on the table, quite literally, it serves as a standard yet luxurious massage platform.

Stellar Construction & Craftsmanship

Beyond its appearance, the Earthlite table showcases exemplary craftsmanship. The innovative hoop design with rounded corners isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, but also functionally superior. The vacuum-formed 10-layer laminate not only strengthens the table but also eradicates potential weak spots. Furthermore, the integrated mortised reinforcement ribs fortify its robust nature, promising longevity and durability.

A Promise of Unparalleled Comfort

Every session on this table promises an opulent experience. The 3″ Pro-Plush™ Cushioning system ensures every client enjoys unparalleled comfort. But Earthlite doesn’t stop at mere comfort; they champion environmental responsibility. The use of eco-friendly Natursoft™ upholstery is a testament to their commitment to delivering quality without compromising on sustainability.

American Craftsmanship with Global Components

Manufactured in the USA, this table represents a blend of sturdiness and lightweight design. By using hard Maple from managed forests and aircraft-grade Russian Birch, Earthlite ensures a durable structure. And if you’re wondering about its strength, the table confidently supports a static weight of 3200 lbs and accommodates a working weight of 800 lbs.

Shipping & Delivery Insights

Potential buyers should consider their shipping options. Given the table’s significant weight, Earthlite employs freight shipping. Options range from a $195 basic curbside delivery to a premium $595 white glove service, which includes unpacking and room-specific placement.

Customization with Optional Add-Ons

Earthlite values customization. They offer an array of add-ons like stools, bolsters, table pads/warmers, and armshelves. Each additional feature, available at different price points, enhances the massage experience, allowing therapists to cater to diverse client needs more effectively.

What Do Customers Say?

Feedback speaks volumes. With a pristine 5-star rating, clients universally laud the table’s quality and functionality. Such positive feedback emphasizes the table’s unmatched performance and user satisfaction.

Final Thoughts

For those in search of a top-tier massage table, the Earthlite Spirit Pregnancy Massage Table Package stands out as an unmatched contender. Its price might seem like a hefty investment initially, but given its myriad of features, adaptability, and glowing customer reviews, it undoubtedly offers value for every penny spent.

Role of Pregnancy Massage Tables in Providing Comfort and Support

Pregnancy massage table 2

Specialized tables are designed with the specific needs of expectant mothers in mind, offering a range of features that contribute to a safe and enjoyable experience.

Let’s explore the key aspects to consider when it comes to pregnancy massage tables.

Adjustable Height and Angles

One of the essential features of pregnancy massage tables is their adjustable height and angles. These tables can be easily adjusted to accommodate the therapist’s working height and ensure optimal positioning for the client. By customizing the table’s height, you can maintain proper body mechanics, minimizing strain on your own body during the massage.

Whether the client prefers lying on their side or in a semi-reclined position, the adjustable angles of the table provide flexibility to adapt to their specific needs and ensure maximum comfort throughout the session.

Cushioning and Padding for Maximum Comfort

Pregnancy massage tables feature generous cushioning and padding to provide optimal comfort and support for expectant mothers. The extra padding helps relieve pressure points and minimizes discomfort caused by the growing belly. The cushioning also assists in maintaining proper spinal alignment and reduces strain on the joints.

The quality and thickness of the cushioning are crucial factors to consider when selecting a pregnancy massage table. High-density foam or memory foam padding can offer exceptional comfort and support. Look for tables that have sufficient cushioning to ensure a plush and cozy experience for the client.

Safety Features and Stability

A sturdy construction is crucial to avoid wobbling during the massage. Search for tables with a solid base, designed for pregnancy massage weight and movement.

Some pregnancy massage tables include safety straps or belts. These secure the client comfortably, providing extra support. The straps adjust for the client’s changing body, ensuring a safe, stable position during the massage.

Ease of Access and Support for Different Body Positions

The table should allow the therapist easy access to the client’s body, ensuring efficient and effective delivery of massage techniques. Look for tables with wide side access or removable armrests that facilitate easy movement around the client.

Moreover, pregnancy massage tables should offer adequate support for various body positions. They should be designed to accommodate side-lying positions, allowing the client to rest comfortably on their side with proper support for the head, neck, shoulders, and hips. This ensures a relaxing and safe massage experience for the client.

Tips for Choosing the Right Pregnancy Massage Table

When selecting a pregnancy massage table, it’s essential to consider various factors to ensure the best experience for both the therapist and the client. Here are some valuable tips to guide you in choosing the right table for your practice.

1. Assessing Client Needs and Requirements

Understanding the specific needs and requirements of your pregnant clients is crucial in selecting an appropriate massage table. Consider factors such as the stage of pregnancy, body size, and any specific discomfort or conditions they may have. 

Some clients may require extra support in certain areas, such as the belly or breasts, while others may prefer a table that accommodates different body positions.

2. Budget Considerations and Value for Money

Pregnancy massage tables come in a range of prices, so it’s important to establish a budget and determine the features that are most important to you and your clients. Consider the long-term investment value of the table, including its durability, warranty, and potential for growth in your practice. 

Remember that quality and comfort are paramount, and it’s often worth investing in a table that meets your needs and provides a positive experience for clients.

3. Reading Reviews and Seeking Recommendations

Look for feedback on the comfort, durability, and overall satisfaction of clients who have used the tables you’re considering. Reviews can provide valuable insights and help you make an informed choice that aligns with your specific requirements.

4. Considering Warranty and After-Sales Support

Check the warranty details provided by the manufacturer, including coverage for structural components and upholstery. Understanding the terms and conditions of the warranty can give you peace of mind and protect your investment in case of any unforeseen issues. Additionally, ensure that the manufacturer or supplier offers reliable customer support and assistance when needed.

Remember to regularly check back on reputable sources and consult with other professionals in the industry to stay updated on the latest advancements in pregnancy massage tables and related equipment.

Proper Maintenance and Care for Pregnancy Massage Tables

Maintaining and caring for your pregnancy massage table is essential to ensure its longevity, functionality, and hygiene. By following proper maintenance practices, you can provide a clean and safe environment for your clients. Here are some tips on how to care for your table:

Cleaning and Sanitization Practices

After each use, wipe down the table with a mild, non-abrasive cleaner and a soft cloth to remove any oils, lotions, or residue. Pay close attention to areas where clients’ bodies come into direct contact, such as the face cradle and armrests. Use a disinfectant spray or wipes specifically designed for massage tables to kill bacteria and prevent the spread of germs.

Checking and Replacing Parts as Needed

Ensure that the upholstery is intact without any tears or rips. If you notice any loose or broken parts, promptly repair or replace them to maintain the table’s structural integrity and safety. Keep spare parts, such as face cradle attachments or leg knobs, on hand for easy replacement when necessary.

Storing and Transporting the Table Safely

Store your unused pregnancy massage table in a clean, dry, well-ventilated area. Don’t expose the table to extreme temperatures or sunlight. These can harm the upholstery and weaken the materials. If table transport is necessary, get a sturdy carrying case. It will shield the table in transit, avoiding scratches or dents.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pregnancy Massage Tables

We are sure you still must have some questions so we compiled a list of the most relevant questions and answers we came across:

What is the ideal weight capacity for a pregnancy massage table?

While weight capacities may vary depending on the specific model and brand, you should choose a table with a weight capacity of at least 500 pounds (227 kilograms) or more. This higher weight capacity provides stability and reassurance, particularly for pregnant clients who may have additional weight during their pregnancy.

Can a regular massage table be used for pregnancy massage?

Regular tables may not provide the necessary support and comfort for pregnant clients due to the absence of belly and breast fillers or specialized cushioning. 

Dedicated pregnancy massage tables are designed with the unique needs of pregnant clients in mind. They allow for better positioning, support, and relaxation during the massage. Therefore, investing in a dedicated pregnancy massage table is highly recommended for an optimal experience.

Are there specific accessories that complement a pregnancy massage table?

Pregnancy massage chairs

Yes, there are several accessories that can complement a pregnancy massage table and enhance the overall experience for both the client and the therapist. Some commonly used accessories include:

  1. Belly and breast fillers: These accessories provide additional support and comfort for pregnant clients, allowing them to lie face down safely and comfortably during the massage.
  2. Pregnancy cushions and pillows: These specialized cushions and pillows are designed to accommodate the unique contours of a pregnant body, providing support for the belly, hips, and lower back.
  3. Adjustable headrests: Having an adjustable headrest allows the client to find a comfortable position for their head and neck during the massage, ensuring proper alignment and relaxation.
  4. Armrests and side extensions: These accessories provide support for the arms and allow for better positioning and comfort during the massage.
  5. Carrying cases and storage options: These accessories help protect the massage table during transportation and provide convenient storage when not in use.


  1. What is the significance of a pregnancy massage table’s weight capacity?
    • The weight capacity of a pregnancy massage table is vital for ensuring the table’s stability and safety, especially considering the added weight some individuals carry during pregnancy. Ideally, a pregnancy massage table should have a weight capacity of at least 500 pounds (227 kilograms) or more.
  2. Is it suitable to use a regular massage table for pregnancy massages?
    • While a regular massage table can be used, it may not offer the specialized support and comfort pregnant clients need, such as dedicated spaces for the belly and breasts. Pregnancy massage tables are specifically designed to cater to the unique requirements of pregnant clients, ensuring better positioning, comfort, and relaxation during the massage.
  3. What accessories can enhance the functionality of a pregnancy massage table?
    • Several accessories can complement a pregnancy massage table:
      • Belly and breast fillers: Offering extra support for pregnant clients to lie face down comfortably.
      • Pregnancy cushions and pillows: Designed to provide support for the belly, hips, and lower back.
      • Adjustable headrests: Helps clients find a comfortable position for their head and neck.
      • Armrests and side extensions: Provide support for the arms and improve overall comfort.
      • Carrying cases: Protect the table during transportation and storage.
  4. How does a pregnancy massage table differ from a regular one?
    • A pregnancy massage table is uniquely crafted to accommodate the anatomical and physiological changes pregnant individuals experience. Features like specialized cushioning, belly and breast cutouts, and enhanced stability cater to the needs of expectant mothers, making these tables a preferred choice for pregnancy massages.
  5. Why is it important to maintain and clean the pregnancy massage table regularly?
    • Regular maintenance and cleaning are crucial for ensuring the table’s longevity, functionality, and hygiene. Proper care provides a clean, safe, and comfortable environment for clients, ensuring their well-being and satisfaction during each massage session.

Elevate Your Pregnancy Massage Experience with the Right Table

A dedicated pregnancy massage table enhances comfort, support, and safety. It’s crucial for both pregnant clients and therapists. In this article, we’ve discussed pregnancy massage importance. We’ve also outlined key features in choosing such a table.

Proper maintenance and care of your table is vital. It extends its lifespan and ensures client hygiene. Make informed decisions to choose the right table. This improves your pregnancy massage practice. It also increases client satisfaction and happiness.

We hope your massage therapist journey is successful and joyful. Enjoy your massage practice!