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Disposable Towels - 500ct 8 x 8 inch pre-moistened 100% cotton towels

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Whether you are a masseuse on the go, a dental hygienist or a manicurist, you will love the Disposable 8 x 8 inch Pre-Moistened Towels from Massage Tools. They come already rolled and can be used hot or cold. All you need is a microwave to give a client or yourself a hot towel treatment.

They come in lovely relaxing scents like lemon and lavender. Unscented are available too. Packaged in 500 count, the disposable towels are made from 100 percent cotton. No more endless laundry runs at the salon or dealing with a service. Simply throw them away when you're done. Don't worry! They are eco-friendly too. The disposable towels are biodegradable in three months.

Product Info:
- Material: 100% Cotton
- size: 8" x 8", 8 gram
- scent: Lemon, Lavender, Peach/Mango & Unscented
- Each towel is rolled and wrapped in a thin plastic sleeve. Microwave Safe.
- Serve cold or hot. Microwave safe.
- Single-Use, Disposable, Environment friendly, bio-degradable within 3 months 

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