Chattanooga - Dura-Stick Plus Self-Adhesive Electrodes

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Electrotherapy provides symptomatic relief, pain management and many other therapeutic benefits to a number of patients. It can help with muscle spasms as well as aiding in the prevention of atrophy and increasing blood circulation. Electrotherapy machines conduct therapeutic electric currents throughout the body of a patient via electrodes. Ensure your patients get the best electrotherapy benefits by choosing Chattanooga Dura-Stick Plus Self-Adhesive Electrodes from MassageTools. These superior-quality electrodes feature Permagel Hydrogel, which serves as a coupling agent that minimizes skin-electrode resistance. They also feature carbon conductive film which is incorporated into a flexible spun lace backing. Each order contains 10 packs of four electrodes, which adds up to 40 electrodes per case. Choose from a variety of different shapes and sizes.

• 40 Per Case - 10 Packs of 4 OR
• 40 sEMG (100/pk-Individual)
• Carbon conductive film incorporated into a flexible spun lace backing
• PermagelTM Hydrogel for superior conformability to body contours

Part Numbers:
- 2" Round: 42182
- 2" Square: 42183
- 2" x 3.5" Rectangle: 42181
- 1.5" x 2.5" Oval: 42159
- 2" x 4" Oval: 42160
- sEMG: 42185