Vacuum and Spray facial machine - FS-216

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The Vacuum and Spray Facial Machine is a dual-function device that is designed to achieve a thorough cleansing of the skin's surface. The compact machine is designed to remove dirt and impurities from the skin, leaving a healthy glow and an improved complexion. The process also helps reduce the appearance of skin creases while improving blood flow to the skin, resulting in an overall improvement in the appearance of the skin. The machine is also great for use during facial massages as they can be used to mist the client's face with a hydrating or toning solution during the session.

Please note that the Vacuum and Spray Facial Machine is sold as part of a complete set with spray bottles, a hose for the spray bottles and a vacuum glass set. Additional replacement parts are available separately as noted below.

- Compact model
- Spray bottles
- 3 piece vacuum glass set
- Hoses for bottles and glass set
- 1 year-warranty on Parts & Labor

Call to order replacement parts for this machine:
FS-216SB ...... Spray Bottles, Two piece set - $22
FS-216SBH ...... Hose for Spray Bottles - $26
FS-216VG ...... Vacuum Glass Set, Three Pieces - $22
FS-216VGH ...... Vacuum Glass Set Hose - $26

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