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G5 - Professional Massage Model GK-3

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Whether used in a clinic, office, gym or home, the G5 Professional Massage Machine Model GK-3 from MassageTools will provide consistently dependable results. Backed by decades of successful production and use, this machine relieves pain and stress in the soft tissues, nerves and muscles.

A 47 3/4" lightweight and smooth drive cable attached to the durable applicator head provides maximum versatility and ease of use. Control the speed from 20 to 60 cycles with operation of a simple dial. The basic control panel has a CPS indicator showing low, medium and high. This economical unit is available in stand-mount or portable configurations and with your choice of the professional OR respiratory therapy applicator package.

Unit Advantages:
- Economical
- Stand Mount or Portable Configurations
- Basic Control Panel with CPS Indicator (Low, Medium, High)
- Comes with Professional applicator package OR Respiratory Therapy applicator package

Professional Applicator Package:
AP212 - Large Sponge - 3 1/2"
AP215 - Multiple-Prong
AP216 - Four Ball
AP227 - Pointed-Tip
AP229 - Large Round Firm Rubber
AP230 - Curved Sponge
AP235D - Medium Disposable Applicator Covers (25)
AP236D - Large Disposable Applciator Covers (25)

Respiratory Therapy Package:
AP209 - Right Angle Percussion Adaptor
AP210 - Small Sponge - 2 5/8"
AP212 - Large Sponge - 3 1/2"
AP229 - Large Round Firm Rubber
AP230 - Curved Sponge
AP236 - Large Plastic Applicator Cover (1)
AP234D - Small Disposable Applicator Covers (25)
AP235D - Medium Disposable Applicator Covers (25)
AP236D - Large Disposable Applciator Covers (25)

Sarah B., a homeopathic doctor in San Jacinto, CA - "This tool is just what I needed in my practice. The quality is very good and the results are outstanding. Gives results that are needed in the soft tissues to relieve pain and stress to the nerves and muscles. Fantastic!"

Jeff D., a chiropractor in Marietta, OH, uses the G5 GK-3 at his chiropractic office - "Thank you for a great product. Every patient is very happy with the G5 and has recommended it to many other local chiropractors. Thanks!"

Harold H., a chiropractor in Illinois - "I have used this product for 35 years!"

Steve H., an M.D. in California and owner of a G5 GK-3 - "The G5 [massage machine] belongs in virtually every home in America!"

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