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Hot towels aren't just a myth from classic barber shops. They have real benefits for clients ranging from opening pores, improving circulation, stimulating hair growth and, of course, there are the relaxation benefits. Don't burn yourself or worry about burns. Simply use the Beauty Pro Hot Towel Steamer Kit from MassageTools. Once you experience the convenience and ease of this simple-to-use hot towel steamer, you won't go back to your old ways.

Whether you own a salon, spa or barbershop, the Beauty Pro Hot Towel Steamer Kit from MassageTools is an absolute must-have. This unique steamer kit is so simple and easy to operate that it is ideal for any business or independent therapist. Its compact size only adds to the appeal of this convenient hot towel steamer. The Beauty Pro takes up limited space and is ideal for physical and massage therapists on the go.

Simply put dry, clean towels inside and add water to the tray. Each of the six towels will come out warm and steamy. The process doesn't get easier than that. The days of messy trays and inconvenient spills from old-fashioned bowls are gone. Forget about burns and time spent cleaning up after accidents. The Beauty Pro Hot Towel Steamer Kit is also more hygienic because the process forgoes the use of bowls and trays, which contribute to bacteria growth.

Discover the wonder of the fabulous professional massage and physical therapy tools and equipment like the Beauty Pro Hot Towel Steamer Kit at MassageTools. The Starter Kit from Beauty Pro comes complete with:

  • Hot towel steamer
  • A pair stainless steel tongs
  • Six facial wrap towels featuring MassageTools' new innovative towel design

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