Massage Table Costs and Choosing a Massage Table

Posted by MassageTools Staff on Jun 28th 2016

The most important piece of equipment any bodywork professional will buy is their massage table. Massage tables vary in price depending on the brand, size, padding level and other features. Basic, non-folding tables with very few features can be relatively inexpensive while high-end professional tables can cost hundreds of dollars. The type of work being performed and the capabilities of the table will determine the cost.

Most bodywork professionals will upgrade their massage tables several times throughout their careers. Tables wear out and as your capabilities expand, you'll need a table that meets your growing range of abilities and offerings. When choosing a massage table, it's important to remember that you'll likely replace the table in the future, so finding one that meets your current needs and budget is more important than buying a table with features you're not yet ready to use.

When buying a new massage table, consider how you will use the table, where you will use the table and what your budget is. Accessories such as padded headrests, Reiki ends, etc. can drive up the cost of a massage table significantly. Think about how you intend to use the table and consider your current abilities and limitations before making a purchase. A table with Reiki ends will cost more than one without, but if you don't perform Reiki it doesn't make sense to spend the extra money on a table that's beyond your current needs.

Likewise, portable tables will usually cost more than stationary tables. Portable massage tables tend to be more expensive because they must be as resilient and durable as a regular table, but still light enough to fold and carry. Portable massage tables are often made of multiple materials to get the best combination of strength and portability, whereas stationary tables can be made of heavier, more durable, but less expensive materials.

As with other types of equipment, the cost of your massage table will depend on its features, accessories, quality and brand. Spending more on your table may ensure better quality, but always shop smart and don't overspend on features you don't need.