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Dr. Lucas Pulverizer Championniere

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The Dr. Lucas Pulverizer Championniere is a must-have for the professional esthetician as well as the skin care and spa professional. This unit provides a luxurious, deeply hydrating experience for your client and improves skin tone, texture and overall health. For exceptional deep pore cleansing, the Dr. Lucas Pulverizer Championniere from offers consistent support.  

This machine pulverizes water-soluble lotions , toners, rose water, essential oils - even soothing additions like strongly brewed chamomile tea - added to the beakers, delivering a cool, pulverized mist that penetrates deep into the skin . This Dr. Lucas Pulverizer also serves as a dependable option for micro massages. 

In addition, the Dr. Lucas P ulverizer includes two beakers and two cleaning wires, ensuring you'll be able to use this device to perform skin treatments on your clients quickly and effortlessly. Please note that these beakers are incredibly fragile, so it is always a good idea to have a couple extra on hand.

This French-made Dr. Lucas sprayer ensures that you will be able to help your clients reduce the appearance of minor skin issues ; it blends outstanding quality with a user-friendly design, allowing you to maximize the value of your machine day after day.

Have questions about the Dr. Lucas Pulverizer Championniere? Don't hesitate to contact us for more information! We're here to help you make the right decisiong when it comes to purchasing esthetician equipment you'll be happy with.

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