Massage Chairs for Fast Back Pain Relief

Posted by MassageTools Staff on Aug 24th 2016

Back pain is a sometimes chronic condition affecting millions of Americans. That's why so many massage chairs available today from top online stores like MassageTools offer special features specifically designed to address temporary or chronic back stiffness, soreness and other back-related ailments.

The iJoy-2580 Robotic Massage Chair by Human Touch, for example, is designed to relieve stress, relax tired back muscles and improve posture. The power-recline chair allows the client (or you!) to enjoy the most relaxing position, and the easy-access controller allows you to customize the massage. Osaki's OS-7200H massage chair has a micro-computer and heating elements specially designed to sooth and treat lower back problems. This chair relies on 51 air bags to create a soothing massage to backs, hips, shoulders and legs. Listen to music while you relax your back with Osaki's MP3 and iPod connectors that include built-in speakers. A built-in computer body scan traces the curvature of the back to adjust the massage experience.

Massage chairs from MassageTools have cushioned seating on reclining chair styles designed to create a more comfortable seating experience for those with bad backs. These chairs offer targeted relief, since back strain can also be caused by tight thigh muscles. Chairs with added heat modules add warmth to movement to multiply the positive effects of simulated massage movements.

Today's portable massage chairs for use by solo practices and at health spas, chiropractor clinics and resorts, are also designed to zero in on back problems. The Oakworks Portal Pro Massage Chair Package is designed to comfortably seat your client, and it provides full access for a full back massage by a therapist. This versatile portable massage chair has a QuickLock face rest, and it's built on a lightweight aluminum frame. The package includes a carrying case and an instructional video for practical back massage therapy guidance.