Massage Chairs with Shiatsu + Heat

Posted by MassageTools Staff on Aug 24th 2016

Massage Chairs with Shiatsu + Heat

Massage chairs with the ability to mimic the movements of shiatsu are now able to boast the addition of relaxing heat modules to multiply the therapeutic benefits for salons, spas and individual massage chair owners.

Shiatsu means finger pressure, and this form of massage born in Japan is essentially acupuncture without the needles, applying strategic pressure with fingers, elbows or feet to specific points on the body. Traditional shiatsu massage can also involve stretching and/or rotating limbs. The theory is that human bodies are made up of qi, or energy, that can cause stress or ailments when blocked. Balancing the qi with movements and pressure can result in restoring energy.

One of this year's best sellers at Massage Tools is the Osaki OS 4000 T Massage Chair, which has lower back heating elements and offers shiatsu, as well as traditional kneading, tapping, rolling, combination and Swedish massage modes. This shiatsu massage-capable chair uses a computer body scan that allows the rollers to map the back curvature.

Two rows of spinning reflexology foot roller massagers stimulate acupuncture points while using inflated air bags to deepen the massage along foot bottoms. Osaki's 05-400 has a standard remote control plus a wireless controller to operate the foot extension, leg rest, recline of backrest and the zero gravity position. Two heating pads provide lower back heat therapy.

Shiatsu is an Eastern approach to health that is practiced around the world today. Proponents claim many benefits including an improvement in circulation, as well as a reduction in stress, anxiety and depression. Receiving shiatsu treatments reportedly can help relieve headaches, reduce insomnia, relieve stiff necks, help relieve arthritis and lessen the suffering from common colds and sinus problems.

You can also practice Shiatsu on our exclusive Spa Luxe brand massage tables. Our economically priced Spa Luxe Stationary Massage Table with headrest and arm shelf included. A plush3.5-inch layered foam cushion system is also standard on this beautiful table with an open storage shelf crafted of premium European beech wood.