Massage Tables for Pregnancy

Posted by MassageTools Staff on Aug 24th 2016

Pregnancy can take a big toll on muscles, blood circulation and stress. That's why so many pregnant women are finding that a safe massage chair can work wonders, especially in those last few months. Back pain is the most common complaint among pregnant women struggling with all that weight in front that can strain back muscles and ruin their posture.

Today's massage tables can accommodate pregnant women. Massage tables can be equipped with specially constructed wedges to better position and protect a woman's belly while gentle therapy is applied.

Of course, most physicians suggest that massages be avoided during the first trimester when the chance of a miscarriage is higher. During the third trimester, professional massage therapists will avoid putting too much pressure on the stomach. While it can be tempting to never leave the comfort of a well-made massage table, do limit your time to no more than 20 minutes. If you have any concerns, always consult your doctor.

Pregnant women can benefit from the lowered stress that comes with a professional massage. A massage is not just good for your back; it can relieve upper leg strain that comes from walking while carrying extra weight.

The Spa Luxe Electric Massage & Spa Table allows you to adjust the back and leg sections with a hand control and adjust the height with the food pedal to accommodate a pregnant woman's large belly. The 3.5-inch multiple-layer soft foam padding wins high praise from expecting women who want more cushioning. An adjustable headrest, face cradle and face cradle cushion are included. Professionals tell us that customers also like the comfort of iour exclusive in-house Spa Luxe Electric Massage Table with Tilt Back. The electric-powered tilt back mechanism allows you to make height and back adjustments while the client is on the table. This premium massage table includes an adjustable face rest with pillow, matching arm shelf and removable self-adjusting arms.