Massage Tables Vs. Massage Chairs Which One's Right for You?

Posted by MassageTools Staff on Aug 24th 2016

When it comes to massage tables versus massage chairs, both have advantages. A full-size massage table allows a full-body massage, but it takes up more room than a massage chair. A massage chair can zero in on those back, shoulder, arms and neck pains when your client is seated. However, it's not a choice for massage therapists who want to offer full-body massages. A chair massage treatment takes less time than a full-service massage on a spa table.

Of course, the chair is lighter in weight and usually more portable. Plus, your client doesn't have to undress. So, think location. Do you want to offer quick massages in public places, in office settings or in home visits? Is your space limited? Or, do you want to invest in a full-table setup. Of course, many of today's full-size massage tables are also portable.

Think access, too. While a full-sized massage table allows you to offer just about any type of massage, a massage chair allows you to quickly position your client and get up close instead of reaching over the table. Many of today's resorts and full-service massage businesses choose both to serve clients who want the full treatment and are willing to invest the time for that service, and for those clients who don't want to disrobe. They just want a quick answer to those tensed up muscles. Adding the right accessories can expand your services, regardless of whether you prefer a chair or table.

At MassageTools, we offer the best selection of premium massage tables and massage chairs at prices to meet your budget. Consider a basic chair or table, and then add accessories as you build your business. Or, invest at the outset in the massage table or spa chair fully equipped with all the extras. For the best value, we recommend our exclusive Spa Luxe tables and chairs. Our exclusive Spa Luxe Malibu Electric Spa & Massage Table has a 3.5-inch multiple layer soft foam system beneath ComfortSoft upholstery in a creamy shade of mocha beige. The padded side arms are adjustable and removable. This premium spa table comes with an adjustable headrest, face cradle and face cradle cushion.

This electrically powered spa table with a four-section top allows you to adjust the back and leg sections with a hand control and to adjust the height with the foot pedal. Adjust the height from 28 to 34 inches on this spa table that measures 73 inches by 30 inches. Visit our Resource Center to view videos of our versatile Spa Luxe salon tables in action. If you have questions, consult the experts at MassageTools.