Chiropractic clinics and physical therapy clinics rely on certain chiropractic massage tools to treat patients. For clients and patients, getting on a medical table can be intimidating. But with a comfortable table and a welcoming atmosphere, you can help them get the care they need. The MassageTools inventory is filled with basic, mid-range and luxury products to serve clinics at any stage or size. This selection of chiropractic, physical therapy, ultrasound and general exam tables offer cushioned surfaces to put your patients at ease. Meanwhile, they include great features which allow health care professionals perform to the best of their ability. These are padded tables with soft but supportive cushioning. As essential chiropractic massage tools, medical tables are often very versatile and adjustable. Most of these table have adjustable features for the height and positioning. Some can even be brought up to a seated position. From our ultrasound exam tables by Earthlite to our electric therapy exam tables by Oakworks, you'll find options for chiropractic massage tools from some of the most trusted brands in the industry when you shop at MassageTools. Our selection includes both stationary and portable medical tables with built-in wheels. For practitioners who make home visits, we also have portable medical tables with optional headrests and carrying cases.