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Master Massage Comfort Plus Wooden Kneeling Chair 10146

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Wooden Posture Chair - Our Newest Ergonomic Knee Chair. By easing your hips into a forward tilt position, the kneeling chair encourages an upright posture that correctly aligns your back, shoulders and neck. Kneeling chairs are a super sitting alternative for people with lower lumbar, sciatic and hip problems. A manual height adjustment feature makes it easy to find the right configuration to match your table, while the dual-wheel carpet casters let you wheel this chair from your desk to the conference room. Wooden kneeling chair will bring a sophisticated and unique look to your workspace.

The chair frame is made of high quality wood and steel but adjustable, so it will suit most people in different age. The pads on the chair are ultra-comfortable with our unique high quality material so it will not be a pain if you need to be seating for hours long. There are wheels at the front and back so the chair is easy to more around. If you are not using it, the chair can be folded and storage space can be saved. Come grab one of these chairs from us if you have suffered enough from back pain and other problems associated with it. Improve your living and enjoy your life even more!

Features & Benefit:

• Manually adjustable seat height
• Easy movable with universal wheels
• Light Weight for carrying around
• Super strorable for space saving
• 6 hole Manually adjustable seat height

• Relieving Neck strain
• Keep spine in the right position and prevent humpbacked from getting worse
• Support the whole body and relieve the anterior knees pain


• Size: 13"X 13"(W x L)
• Height: 17.32" to 18.11" (Adjustable)
• Length: 20.47" to 23.22"(Adjustable)
• Width: 17.12"
• Weigh: 14.80lbs (Chair Only)
• Support Weight: 441lbs
• Color: Cinnamon
• Material: Beech Wood& Durable PVC vinyl upholstering cover
• Foam: 2" Foam cushion on the knee Padded and seat

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