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General Physiotherapy - G5-Cellutec

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The G5 Cellutec® is a non-invasive therapy treatment for skin, scalp, tissue, muscles, lymphatic system, and the circulatory system. Extraordinary results are achieved with our exclusive Directional-Stroking® action which combines vertical and parellel forces to produce effective and comfortable percussion, oscillating massage, deep tissue mobilization, kneading/compression, skin layer resonation, and many more physical techniques. The G5 Cellutec® satisfi es specialized client needs and enables you to offer high-demand services with dramatic results. A wide array of applicators provides aesthetic services such as cellulite reduction, exfoliation, lymphatic drainage, body contouring, skin toning and muscle relaxation. Comes complete with caster stand, accessory tray, comprehensive instruction manual and Spa Treatment applicator package. Continuously-variable speed: 20-60 CPS.

Unit Advantages
-Versatility: Pole, Table Top and Wall Mountable.
-Portability: In-mold handle and smooth casters to easily move from room to room.
-CPS Indicator on Control Panel.
-Power-on Indicator Lamp

Technical Specifications
All machines will be 24 volt operation, with our proprietary power supply provided at no additional charge, to convert 110 volt thru 240 volt input to 24 volts.

Motor - 1/17 horsepower
Output Speed - 20-60 cycles per second
Power Source - 110v or 220v (other voltages available)
Speed Control - Solid State Electronic
Current Leakage - under 75 MicroAmps
Power Cord - 10' hospital grade
Drive Cable - 5'
Housing Material - ABS Cycolac
Configurations - Caster-stand mounted, table-top mounted, or wall-mounted (harware sold seperately)
Unit Dimensions - 7 1/2" H x 13" W x 14" D
Assembled Dimensions - 44" H x 21" W x 21" D
Unit Weight - 15.75 Lbs
Assembled Unit Weight - 25 Lbs.
Applicator Packages - Spa-Pkg recommended
Timer - No
Applicator Storage - Yes - Tray

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