Is it time to buy an electric massage table?

Posted by Christian Peacox on Aug 26th 2014

What is the best massage table for you? Are you a professional with a stream of regular and new clients, have you just started your practice with little client traffic, or are you just at home practicing?

Massage therapists will most likely have a wide variety of clients coming in an assortment of shapes and sizes needing different massage techniques and pressures. With an electric massage table, the therapist is able to instantly adjust table height to position clientele for the maximum level of performance and comfort. This is done with either hand or foot controls connected to the table. With a high level of client traffic, instantaneous height adjustment is "must have". New users are more likely to have a smaller amount of clientele with slower traffic. An instantaneous height adjustment for different sized clients is not needed for low traffic clinics. A new therapist could save some cash by getting a manual lift massage table. Each leg on a manual lift massage table needs adjustment, by hand, in order to raise or lower the table. This process can take time but also save you money.

The price of electric lift massage tables has been steadily decreasing over the years. It's common for massage therapists to hang onto their first massage table for many years. With this in mind, it might be a good idea for a new therapist to spend the extra money on an electric lift massage table due to the likeliness of increasing clientele traffic. If you’re just at home, you probably don't need to constantly adjust the height of your table because only one or two people will be using it. Friends and family will not mind the wait for a proper manual height adjustment. A portable massage table would be the most reasonable purchase for use at home.

Physical stress on the therapist is also something to take into consideration. Height adjustment is important for positioning clients for the therapist's comfort. Without proper height adjustments, you can strain your back applying pressure and performing techniques on a client.

If you have a large or small variety of clients you should consider an electric lift massage table. If you are just a home user, you should consider portable massage tables. You can find good examples of these tables and Spaluxe electric lift tables we recommend .