Ways and how to relieve stress

To learn ways to relieve stress, we must first understand what causes stress and where stress comes from. Click here to learn more. Use the tips below or one of our stress relieving massage tools to help relax and relieve stress at home or on the go. Aromatherapy is also an excellent way to relieve stress. We have hand selected these Essential Oils and Essential Oil Blends, targeted to effectively enhance your mood, reduce tension, and relax. Ten Ways to Relax on the Go
by Mike Moore 1. Take three deep breaths slowly

2. Relax the tongue. Usually the tongue is held tightly against the teeth. Free it up in the mouth so it can just rest there without tension.

3. Take one minute vacations. In your mind visit places where you find peace and stillness. Picture yourself there soaking up the beauty and solitude.

4. Relax your facial muscles. Tell your facial muscles to relax and they will. Try to maintain this relaxed face throughout the day.

5. Move slowly. When you find yourself rushing for no reason, SLOW DOWN.

6. Laugh more. Laughter cuts stress and promotes relaxation.

7. Listen to beautiful music. Mozart and other classics relax the spirit.

8. Watch and enjoy the sunset.

9. Visualize yourself as a balloon being inflated. As you breathe in, the balloon fills with your stress and tension. Then breathe out all the stress and tension leaving yourself limp and relaxed.

10. Enjoy the rhythm and beauty of nature for its lessons are patience and peace. If that doesn't work, try one of our sound healing Ohm Tuning Fork kits.