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If you're a physical therapist, then you understand the importance of electrotherapy. It is used for a variety of therapies, including easing muscle spasms, atrophy, increasing blood circulation, managing chronic pain, rehabilitating muscles and more. Electrotherapy works by exposing affected muscles to electric pulses. TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical neural stimulation and works by blocking pain messages to the brain. Keep your equipment in top operating condition with Chattanooga TENS Lead Wires. They are designed to work with Chattanooga TENS Units and are completely compatible with most units. They also travel well for the therapist that's always on the move.

Part Numbers:
- 360 Pivot, Unshielded Connector: 77593
- 360 Pivot, Shielded Connector: 77594
- Non-Pivot, Shielded Connector: 77595