The Best Reclining Massage Chairs with Heat

Posted by MassageTools Staff on Aug 24th 2016

Today's reclining massage chairs are using space age technology to incorporate the latest advancements for salons, spas and homes. The icing on the cake is the heating element that is becoming an essential addition to best-selling massage chairs. The application of controlled heat can accelerate the motion of massage chair rollers or glides to relieve sore muscles, treat specific aches and pains or relieve everyday stress.

In today's workplace, many jobs involve sitting for long hours in front of computers or service counters. Long business flights and even those getaway vacations by car can stiffen muscles and wreck your posture. By using a massage chair you buy for your home or use at a professional massage therapy office, spa or salon, you can relax those muscles and even improve your posture. The cost is a fraction of what you will end up paying by not seeking early treatment for muscle strain and stress. Just ask a physician.

For the biggest selection of affordably priced reclining massage tables with heating, shop MassageTools. We have systems like the popular Titan TP-Pro Alpine Massage Chair. Two heating pads installed in the lower back region of the chair provide instant relief. This chair has an easy-use remote and custom air bags that will inflate to produce a deeper stretch for the shoulders, hips, thighs and lower back.

The application of hot towels transforms any massage table into a massage chair with heat. We recommend adding the economically priced Spa Luxe towel warmer cabinet to your order. For larger operations, consider our Spa Luxe Double Towel Cabinet. This unit will keep towels moist and warm at 160 degrees Fahrenheit. It's easy to empty and clean, too. The silicon door seal helps keep the heat inside. he inside is rust-free and will keep the towels moist and warm at a toasty and hygienic 160 degree . Our exclusive in-house Spa Luxe brands of massage chairs, tables, towel warmers and accessories are always more affordable than the expensive brands. Enjoy all the extras without the high price tag.