Chattanooga - Ultra-Myossage Lotion 8.5 oz (12 count/case)

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Chattanooga - Ultra-Myossage Lotion 8.5 oz

For a superior dual ultrasound coupling agent and high-quality massage lotion, you can trust Chattanooga Ultra-Myossage Lotion to provide you with the best results. Enjoy this comfortable, greaseless formula that is easy to use and pleasing to the touch. Featuring an easy clean-up, this aloe vera-based, water-soluble product is hypoallergenic and doesn't contain irritants like menthol, hexachlorophenes or polysorbates. You'll appreciate this Ultra-Myossage lotion's wholesale pricing, too! Quality professional-grade massage lotions are available here at MassageTools in a wide variety of selections and low prices - every day!

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