Chattanooga - Deluxe Universal Belt System 1410

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Improve patient comfort during traction therapy sessions by using a Chattanooga Deluxe Universal Belt System 1410. The system is quick, effective and easy to use. Designed with hook and loop closures, the belts are quick to setup and easy to adjust. There are no cumbersome straps and buckles to deal with and the design distributes A/P pull force evenly to eliminate slippage that is typical of older style traction therapy belt systems. Designed with simplicity in mind, the Deluxe Universal Belt System is a must-have for any traction therapy provider.

The 3-piece Chattanooga Deluxe Universal Belt System includes a thoracic belt, a pelvic belt and a pelvic belt extender. Belts are made of non-chaffing material and include commercial-grade hook and loop closures for a long useful life and extra durability.