Massage Table Showers - Shower Massages - Vichy Massage

Posted by MassageTools Staff on Jun 28th 2016

A massage table shower, also known as a table shower or a Vichy shower, is a row of water heads positioned above a massage table that shoot powerful streams of water over the body of the person being worked on. The pressurized water treatment increases blood circulation to the skin while soothing the nervous system. A massage table shower is usually followed by a body wrap or massage. In a traditional salon, clients would have to get up to go and shower following a body treatments like a wrap or a scrub. With a Vichy shower, the person doesn't have to get up at all. The shower comes as the conclusion of the treatment like the icing on a cupcake.

The practice of the Vichy shower originated in the French city of Vichy, where hydrotherapy is common. This unique treatment soon spread throughout the world as word got out about its benefits to the circulatory system and the skin. A Vichy shower dramatically increases the benefits of the skin treatment the person just received. It also reduces toxins and waste built up in your body while stimulating the skin by bringing blood to the surface. Vichy showers boost a person's overall immune system while helping to hydrate the body and improving muscle and skin tone. Of course, we all know how detrimental the effects of stress are on the body. A Vichy shower significantly reduces stress by exciting the sensitive nerves in the skin.

Today, you don't have to head to France just to receive the health benefits of a Vichy shower. Vichy shower treatments are offered in spas throughout the world. Many spas now combine Vichy showers, or massage table showers with messier treatments such as body scrubs or mud wraps where the client would normally need to rinse off mid-treatment, which can interrupt the process of relaxation and restoration. Or, simply experience the pleasures of a Vichy shower after a massage or on its own.

During a Vichy or massage table shower, the individual being treated lies on top of a padded massage towel, usually face-down while the shower jets are positioned above. The jets shoot powerful streams of water over the individual, often in an alternating pattern, as a type of water massage. The water is often warmed, helping to open pores and cleanse the skin. This type of water treatment is usually combined with other spa treatments, though not typically concurrently.

A shower massage table differs slightly in appearance from a regular massage table. Drainage holes are usually added and a splash guard may be present for the massage therapist's benefit, particularly if manual manipulation is required during the shower. Detachable shower heads are often included for spot-treatments and targeted therapy.

To maintain privacy, towels are often used to cover parts of the patient's body instead of sheets. The person undergoing treatment either foregoes undergarments or wears disposable undergarments during a typical treatment. The choice is up to the person being treated and will depend on their personal comfort level.

For those looking for a new way to relax and rejuvenate, a Vichy or massage table shower may be a great choice. As massage showers become more common, more providers are offering this hydrotherapy service as an add-on to traditional spa selections.