Choosing the Best Portable Massage Table to Buy

Posted by MassageTools Staff on Jun 28th 2016

The best portable massage table to buy is the one that fits your business, fits your style and fits your budget. The best massage table for you may not be the best table for another bodywork professional, so research your options carefully before you buy to make sure you choose the best portable massage table for your business.

A massage table can be a large expense. As a professional in the bodywork industry, your table is probably the most important piece of equipment you own. Finding the best portable massage table is essential to the success of your business, but with so many portable massage tables on the market, how do you know which one is the best? Unfortunately, the best massage table for you might not be the best table for someone else, so it's important to take into account how you plan to use the table and which features you're looking for before making a decision.

When buying a new portable massage table, there are 3 basic factors to consider: how you will use the table, where you will use the table and your budget. When considering how you will use the table, think about your clients, the positions you require them to take and the force of the client and your therapy type on the table. Consider not only how the client interacts with the table, but how tall you are and how high you would like the table to be.

Where you use the table will also determine which one is the best for you. While all portable massage tables are meant to fold and to be moved between locations, tables can vary greatly in weight and folded size. If you travel on public transportation or go to client's homes, a lighter, more compact table may be better than a larger, heavier table.

Finally, consider your budget. The best table is the table you can afford. Choose a table that meets your needs in terms of function and portability, then look for extra accessories, deluxe padding and other upgrades that may be available. When shopping for a new massage table, it's helpful to look at retailers like, which offer a variety of brands and styles to compare and choose from. Once you find the best portable massage table for your needs, all that's left is to order it and wait for it to arrive.