The Best Massages for Knots

Posted by MassageTools Staff on Nov 11th 2016

The goal for most people when they get a massage is to get rid of knots, better characterized as tight muscles that may be causing them pain or discomfort in some way. Masseuses typically offer a wide variety of massage options, but deep tissue massages are typically seen as the best at getting rid of annoying knots.

Deep tissue massages work deeper into the muscles than other massages, most notably Swedish massages that tend to work more the surface muscles. The pressure put on the muscles during a deep tissue massage helps work the fascia, or connective tissue, that covers the muscles and bones. Helping to loosen these muscles can be great for relieving knots that appear.

The Power of Deep Tissue

While deep tissue massages are great for people with big knots, they might be too intense for some clients. Swedish massages are what most people think of when they hear massage, especially in the United States. These massages consist of a combination of long and gliding strokes that can be calming and gentle. They can help work out knots as well, although they are seen more as a way to relax the person getting it.

There are other types of massage as well there are commonly used, such as trigger point work, myofascial release and lymph drainage. While each of these massages have their unique benefits, people with deep knots will want to look to deep tissue massages first.

Bringing Intensity

Deep tissue massages are especially good at helping people with deeper issues or problems that go beyond standard knots. By working the deeper parts of the muscle, the person getting the massage has a much more intense, but also a much more revitalizing experience. If you find yourself with knots, look for a deep tissue massage, but consider a Swedish massage if you are unsure if you can handle the intensity of the deep tissue massage.