The Best Facial Steamers for Home or Professional Use

Posted by MassageTools Staff on Jun 28th 2016

With so many facial steamers on the market to choose from, you're probably wondering which one is the best. The best facial steamer is the one that fits your needs and your budget, delivering the results you want in a timely and affordable manner. carries many facial steamers to choose from for professional and home use.

When shopping for a facial steamer, you can dramatically reduce your options by separating the professional steamers from the home-use models. If you're planning on using your new steamer at home, a high-quality personal model will get the job done without costing a lot of money. Professionals should expect to invest a little more on a commercial-grade steamer designed for multiple users and high outputs.

Whether you're shopping for a professional or a personal steamer, the best types are the ones that are easy to use. Simplified controls and applicators make facial steaming virtually fool-proof. Many modern steamers require only minimal set up and no adjustments during the steam process. Some higher end models may also include an automatic shut-off and built-in accessory-holders. Some steamers also include sanitization settings to clean the system before and after use to prevent bacterial growth.

Most professional and personal steamers are surprisingly compact. Personal steamers tend to be smaller than professional models due to a reduced water reservoir and smaller motor. All facial steamers are made to rest on a countertop. Professional models may include heavier materials that are made to withstand commercial use, so they may weigh more and be harder to move. Both home and professional models should be able to accommodate the addition of essential oils to the water reservoir.

Whether you're shopping for your first personal facial steamer or a replacement commercial model for your salon, MassageTools offer sty best selection to choose from at the lowest prices. Our facial steamer selection includes a large selection of models with popular accessories and easy-to-use controls for amateurs or professionals.