The Best Massage Creams

Posted by MassageTools Staff on Nov 11th 2016

The use of massage creams has grown in recent years, as some massage therapists prefer heavier creams to massage oils they may have to constantly reapply. With a wide range of massage creams available, the best one for each client comes down to the preference of the person being massage.

The Benefits of Creams

Massage creams are thicker than oils or lotions and typically have a slower absorption rate. This means the person using the cream has to use less of it during the course of a massage. Along with minimizing the number of times the masseuse needs to reapply, massage creams can sometimes be neater and require fewer cleanups.

Like massage oils, massage creams come in a wide range of options. The typical different comes in the scent. Some people like the aromatherapy benefits of massage oils and lotions and those can be found in creams as well, while some people prefer no smell at all.

A Wide Selection

At MassageTools, we carry massage creams from quality vendors such as Sacred Earth Botanicals and Biotone. We trust these manufacturers as we found professional masseuses recommend their products time and time again.

One product that has been especially popular is the Biotone Exfloi-Sea Salt Glow. This product contains sea salt in it that can help exfoliate a person's skin. It works similar to a facial, helping extract some of the toxins in the skin. Massage oils typically do not have that type of benefit.

Massage creams can be a great addition for any masseuse. While lotions and oils have become staples of any massage business, creams continue to grow in use. They are worth trying to provide customers with different options for their massage. At MassageTools, we offer only quality products and the makers of our top massage creams are the same that make our oils and lotions.