The Best Oil for Sensitive Skin

Posted by MassageTools Staff on Nov 11th 2016

For clients with sensitive skin, masseuses should use unscented, hypoallergenic massage oils or creams that will be softer on the skin. Masseuses should also look to use lotions or creams that are nut free and use ingredients such as jojoba and grapeseed oil as a base.
While these types of lubricants will likely work on most patients with sensitive skin, its best to ask if the client knows what type of oils they've used successfully in the past. That can help take away some trial and error from the process.

A Small Test

Since each person's skin reacts different to different types of oils, masseuses working with a new client may want test a lubricant on a small area and then look for a reaction before using it on other places of the body.

Even for clients with non-sensitive skin, masseuses should use oils that are all natural and organic. These can help enrich the skin and will be better for whoever they are placed on than ingredients with lots of chemicals.

It's recommended that masseuses, at the very least, keep a bottle of fragrance-free, all natural massage oil on hand for clients with sensitive skin. Masseuses should also make sure the oil they use is high quality as that will help reduce the chance of it irritating their client's skin.

Outside the Massage

Of course, treating clients with sensitive skin goes beyond just oils and lotions. Massage businesses should wash linens in natural laundry detergents without synthetic preservatives, toxins, bleach or additional fragrances. That will help reduce the chance a client has their skin irritated while receiving treatment.

Working with sensitive skin can be tricky, but by taking the right precautionary measures, masseuses can make sure they have the right products on hand that will leave their clients feeling great. The more care you take in choosing products, the better the overall results will be.