Choose the Best Massage Oil for Treatment of Dry Skin

Posted by MassageTools Staff on Jun 28th 2016

For those suffering from dry skin, spa treatments can be torturous if the wrong products are used. If you're considering a massage and suffer from dry skin, make sure your masseuse uses a dry-skin friendly massage oil such as avocado, apricot, olive, or evening primrose oil. Different types of massage oil have different effects on the skin and some can even help alleviate dryness.

Whether your dry skin is a temporary condition resulting from the weather or a lifelong ailment from an underlying skin condition, environment, diet and the types of products you use on your skin can affect dryness considerably. Symptoms of dry skin include skin tightness, roughness, flaky patches, itching, fine lines or cracks and even deep cracks that bleed.

When undergoing a spa treatment, be sure to ask your therapist if they have any massage oils available that are suitable for dry skin. Avoid mineral oils and any types of petroleum by-products that can further dry the skin and cause additional irritation. Some of the most popular massage oils for dry skin include:

Avocado oil: Avocado oil is good for repairing damaged skin. It is full of beneficial nutrients and stays slippery longer. The heavy oil should not be used on people with latex allergies.
Apricot kernel oil: This is a terrific nut-free oil that's allergy-friendly and suitable for spa environments. It contains vitamin E and is good for those with underlying skin conditions such as rosacea and eczema.

Fractionated coconut oil: This non-greasy oil is especially good for dry skin, particularly if it has already cracked. The oil protects damaged skin during and after treatment.

Olive oil: Used for more than just cooking, this heavy oil is well-tolerated and penetrates deeply to replenish moisture in the skin.

Evening primrose oil: Not to be used on its own, this oil can be added to other oils to help rejuvenate skin cells. It's good for very dry skin or sun-damaged areas. It is also great for mature skin.

There are other types of massage oils that are considered beneficial for dry skin, but these are the most popular. Whether you suffer from dry skin yourself or are a bodywork therapist, it's good to know which oils are best suited for different skin types and to outfit your arsenal with appropriate selections for every client.