The Right Massage Oil for Weight Loss

Posted by MassageTools Staff on Nov 11th 2016

Sadly, a massage will not magically help you lose weight, but there are essential oils that can be placed in massage oils that will aid you in your larger weight loss efforts. By using some of these essential oils, you can help other weight loss activities such as diet and exercise.

Massage has a number of benefits from helping people reduce stress to working out injuries in sore muscles, but certain massage oils can help lose weight. Massage oils are made up of two main parts: carrier oils and essential oils.

The Right Essential Oils

The carrier oils serve as the base of the massage oil and can help improve a person's skin, especially if that person has rough or damaged skin. Essential oils add a number of additional benefits, primarily as an aromatherapy delivery system that can help people become relaxed.

Most massage oils have three or more essential oils and each brings its unique benefits. For those that want a little help in their weight loss journey, look for massage oils with grapefruit oil, cinnamon oil or ginger oil. These can be added to existing massage oils or used as part of a proprietary blend.

What They Do

Grapefruit oil can help break down fat, cinnamon oil can aid in regulating blood sugar levels while ginger oil reduces sugar cravings. While none of these alone with help lose weight, they can assist someone who is already making positive changes to improve their weight.

Customers can look for massage oils with these ingredients. MassageTools carries a number of different oils with different essential oils blends and mixes. These oils can also be added as part of a homemade massage oil or requested at a local massage business.

There are a number of benefits to massage. While most people don't think of weight loss as one of them, there are certain parts of massage that can help with these efforts.