Personal Facial Steamers for Treatment of Sinuses

Posted by MassageTools Staff on Jun 28th 2016

For sinus sufferers, peak allergy seasons like spring and fall can be extremely uncomfortable. If you've tried conventional over-the-counter medication to treat sinus problems without relief, try exploring alternative, drug-free methods to reduce sinus pain and pressure. Personal facial steamers are one such method. Like a neti pot, personal facial steamers can work wonders on sinus congestion. However, while many people struggle with the neti pot, facial steamers can be easier to use.

Facial steamers offer a fast and effective way to cleanse and clear sinuses, providing relief during allergy or cold and flu season. While commercial steamers or steam rooms are a great choice for those on a budget, a personal facial steamer can be a more hygienic option for repeated, daily use. There are several high-quality personal facial steamers on the market, many of which can be good for sinuses sufferers.

Facial steamers work by producing large volumes of moist, heated air. The air is not hot enough to burn, but is intense enough to open pores and cleanse the skin. When the hot air is breathed in, it can also have a similar cleansing and opening effect on the sinuses, helping to relieve pressure and congestion caused by seasonal allergies, colds or the flu virus. Think of how an extremely hot shower opens up your sinuses. Well, the steam from a personal facial steamer will be even more focused and effective.

While steam is good for your sinuses, steam rooms and multi-user machines aren't necessarily as beneficial. These types of environments can introduce germs into your sinuses, resulting in more sinus infections. Fortunately, there are other options available to sinus sufferers.

Personal facial steamers offer a convenient way to get steam right in the privacy of your own home. A personal facial steamer can also offer a variety of other benefits in addition to sinus cleansing. Those who use personal facial steamers regularly enjoy brighter, cleaner and clearer skin on top of healthier sinuses.

The biggest problem with saunas or public steam rooms is that they can be a hotbed for mold growth, and mold is a major trigger of sinus irritation. Many people have mold allergies and can develop severe sinus infections from mold exposure. Oftentimes, mold is an unseen allergy trigger. Commercial facial steamers may not be as prone to mold growth, but are often cleaned to excess with strong disinfectants that can also cause allergy problems.

The best way to avoid any potential sinus problems, allergy triggers and additional sinus infections while enjoying steam is by owning a personal facial steamer. Most steamers are small and can be set up in a bathroom or bedroom. Adding essential oils or certain herbs to the steamer can even enhance the effect and provide additional relief. Personal facial steamers are very affordable and several varieties are available on the market. For the best selection, turn to a spa supplier like and browse dozens of facial steamers by leading brands to find the machine that's right for you.