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Posted by MassageTools Staff on Aug 25th 2016

Got a Cold? Find Relief with a Facial Steamer

While there still is no cure for the common cold, relief is at hand with today's smartly designed facial steamers. More than 200 viruses can cause a cold. Americans alone suffer more than 1 billion co …

Posted by MassageTools Staff on Jun 29th 2016

Personal Facial Steamers for Treatment of Sinuses

For sinus sufferers, peak allergy seasons like spring and fall can be extremely uncomfortable. If you've tried conventional over-the-counter medication to treat sinus problems without relief, try expl …

Posted by Michele Peacox on May 18th 2014

Maintain the life of your facial steamer

I felt this was very important to write about because we see so many steamers ruined that haven’t been cared for properly.The first thing is that you must use only distilled water (unless instructed o …