Why Invest in a Massage Table Arm Hammock?

Posted by The MassageTools Team on Dec 15th 2023

We all know the goal is to provide a relaxing and healing experience for clients. Your massage table is the heart of that experience. Yet, it can often fall short in delivering full comfort, especially concerning arm positioning. That’s where an arm hammock comes into play.

Arm hammocks aren’t mere add-ons; they are essential tools. They bring relief to clients with shoulder tension and offer a natural arm position. As a result, the client feels more relaxed, which aids in the effectiveness of the massage.

Setting Up the Arm Hammock: A Step-by-Step Guide

Setting up an arm hammock doesn’t require an engineering degree. However, it’s crucial to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure safety and durability. First, you’ll need to attach the arm hammock to the sides of your massage table, typically using straps or clamps.

Once it’s secure, adjust the height. You’ll want to make sure it aligns with the client’s natural arm position, generally parallel to the body. Height adjustments are usually straightforward, made possible through sliding buckles or twistable knobs.

Client Benefits: Beyond Just Comfort

A massage table arm hammock does more than add a layer of comfort; it enhances the massage itself. By allowing the arms to rest in a more natural position, you facilitate better blood circulation. This can be a game-changer for clients who may have circulatory issues or chronic pain.

Moreover, the client’s relaxed arm position can make it easier for you to access hard-to-reach tension spots. This small addition to your setup can significantly improve the quality and effectiveness of your service.

Maintenance and Hygiene: Keeping it Clean

In our industry, hygiene is paramount. Luckily, cleaning an arm hammock isn’t a complex process. Most arm hammocks come with removable, washable covers, making your sanitation protocol easier.

Regularly inspect the straps and connections to ensure they’re secure. A well-maintained arm hammock not only guarantees a safe experience for your client but also prolongs the lifespan of the product.

The Dos and Don’ts of Using a Massage Table Arm Hammock

Best Practices for Optimal Use: The Dos

When incorporating an arm hammock into your practice, it’s crucial to start with the manufacturer’s guidelines. Never skip this step as it lays the foundation for safe and effective use. After setting up the hammock, always test its weight limit. No one wants an accident during a massage session, and taking a few minutes to verify stability can save you a lot of trouble down the line.

Tailoring the arm hammock to each client is also crucial for maximum comfort. Remember, one size rarely fits all, so take the time to make adjustments to the height and tension. Just as you sanitize your massage table, don’t forget to clean the arm hammock between clients. This is not just about aesthetics; it’s a necessary step for maintaining a hygienic environment.

Mistakes to Avoid: The Don’ts

While setting up the arm hammock, rushing is your worst enemy. A hastily set-up hammock can lead to safety risks that are easily avoidable with a more careful approach. Additionally, never overlook the importance of regular inspections. It’s easy to miss signs of wear and tear that could compromise safety if you’re not vigilant.

Clients are the lifeblood of your practice. Ignoring their feedback on the arm hammock can lead to dissatisfaction and missed opportunities for improvement. Finally, when it comes to purchasing an arm hammock, quality should never be compromised. A poorly made hammock could potentially lead to uncomfortable or even unsafe conditions for your clients.

Maintenance Tips: Longevity and Safety

Regular Cleaning is Non-Negotiable

Consistent cleaning is indispensable for any tool in the spa and massage industry, and your arm hammock is no exception. Most hammocks come with removable, washable covers. Create a schedule to wash these covers at least once a week, or even more frequently if you have a high volume of clients.

Frequent Checks for Wear and Tear

The importance of checking the straps, attachments, and fabric of your arm hammock can’t be overstated. Regularly inspecting these elements can help you spot issues like fraying fabric or loosening straps, allowing you to act before they pose a real problem.

The Value of Rotation

If you have the luxury of owning more than one arm hammock, make it a practice to rotate them. This will distribute the wear and tear evenly, extending the lifespan of each unit. It’s a simple but effective way to make the most out of your investment.

Act Immediately on Issues

Quick action is essential when you identify any problem. Whether it’s a loose buckle or a tear, delaying repairs can compromise both safety and comfort. Promptly addressing issues ensures your arm hammock remains a reliable asset in your practice.

Product Review: Front Arm Rest Shelf by Custom Craftworks

Massage Table Arm Hammock

Upon first look, the Front Arm Rest Shelf from Custom Craftworks appears to be an expertly crafted addition to any professional massage table setup.

The product promises not just added convenience but also an expanded range of motion for your clients, which is a significant selling point for any professional in the massage and spa industry.

Craftsmanship and Material

The arm rest shelf is made from durable materials and comes with Natursoft upholstery fabrics, providing 16 standard options to choose from. This upholstery not only ensures durability but also offers extra comfort for the client. Moreover, it’s made in America, so you’re supporting local manufacturing.

Functionality and Size

The product boasts dimensions of 9.75 inches in length and 22.5 inches in width, with an approximate 7-inch hanging length. These dimensions suggest it’s spacious enough for clients while being compact enough to not disrupt your workspace. Functionally, the shelf excels in enabling a greater range of motion and enhanced access to the shoulder girdle.


The double straps on this arm rest shelf are straightforward and easily attach to most face rest bases on massage tables. This kind of universality is an asset, as it means less hassle and greater adaptability for the professional.

Price and Value

At $72.00, it’s a moderate investment. But given the quality, functionality, and the brand’s reputation, it seems well worth the price. Custom Craftworks even offers a Price Match Guarantee, ensuring you’re getting the best deal possible.

The Bottom Line

The Front Arm Rest Shelf by Custom Craftworks is a high-quality, functional, and durable addition to your massage table. With its well-thought-out design and premium materials, it’s a smart investment for any serious professional in the massage and spa industry.


What are the exact dimensions of this arm rest shelf?

The dimensions are 9.75 inches in length, 22.5 inches in width, with an approximate 7-inch hanging length.

Does it come in multiple colors?

Yes, the arm rest shelf comes with 16 standard and extra comfy Natursoft upholstery fabric choices.

Is it easy to attach?

Absolutely, the double straps are designed to easily attach to most face rest bases on massage tables.

What about shipping?

The product has three shipping options: Ground Curbside Delivery for $195, Inside Ground Delivery for $295, and White Glove Delivery for $595. The type of delivery you choose will depend on your specific needs and location.

Is this arm rest shelf compatible with all massage tables?

While it’s designed to fit most face rest bases, it’s always a good idea to double-check compatibility with your particular massage table model.

Does the product come with any warranty or guarantee?

The product listing mentions a Price Match Guarantee, but specific details about a warranty are not provided. It’s recommended to contact Custom Craftworks directly for warranty information.

Final Thoughts and What’s Next

The bottom line? A massage table arm hammock is an invaluable investment for any massage or spa professional. It optimizes comfort, enhances the massage experience, and is relatively easy to maintain.

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