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Posted by MassageTools Staff on May 17th 2021

About Stress and the Health Effects of Stress

Definition of stress?Stress has become the number one malady of our time. The constant pressure associated with living in a fast-paced world has created an environment where nearly everyone feels the …

Posted by MassageTools Staff on May 17th 2021

Hot Towel Cabinet Maintenance Procedures and Tips

Hot towel cabinets are wonderful to have, and hot towels are an added touch of luxury for your clients. Hot towels offer a super-special detail that are not just luxurious - they are also beneficial t …

Posted by MassageTools Staff on May 17th 2021

How to replace Mini Facial Steamer F-100C Starter

If you are experiencing blinking of the ozone bulb and it does not completely turn on, you may have a faulty starter. This guide explains how to replace the starter in the F-100C mini facial steamer b …

Posted by MassageTools Staff on Nov 12th 2016

DIY Massage Oil

The right massage oil can take a massage from good to great. While there are a number of wonderful massage oils on the market, masseuses can make massage oil and home with the proper recipe. Let's loo …