DIY Massage Oil

Posted by MassageTools Staff on Nov 11th 2016

The right massage oil can take a massage from good to great. While there are a number of wonderful massage oils on the market, masseuses can make massage oil and home with the proper recipe. Let's look at the key ingredients needed to make your own massage oil.

What You'll Need

Massage oils are a mix of carrier oils and essential oils with different variations of each used to make different massage oils. To make your own massage oil, you will simply need a good carrier oil, some essential oils and a glass bottle.

Carrier Oils

First, you will want to pick a carrier oil. This is your base oil and will make up the majority of the final solution. There are five popular choices: coconut oil, sweet almond oil, cold-pressed sunflower oil, grape seed oil and olive oil. Based on the type of massage oil you want, you'll need to research these different carrier oils depending on your client. For instance, grape seed oil is great for people with oily skin types while olive oil is helpful for those with dry skin.

Essential Oils

Small is perhaps the most important part of essential oils. These will help relax the client's muscles and improve their overall mood. The most popular essential oils include Lavender, Peppermint, Jasmine and Sandalwood, but there are more than a dozen to choose from. Most good massage oils include three or more essential oils, but you can still make a good massage oil with only one.

The Mixture

In your class bottle mix eight ounces of your carrier oil with about 70 total drops of your essential oil. If you have more than one essential oil, you will want to divide those 70 drops accordingly.

You'll want to put the essential oils in first and then add the carrier oils afterwards. Close your bottle and gently rock the bottle back and forth, opposed to vigorously shaking it. Your massage oil is now complete. You can use it to give a client or loved one a massage or give it as a gift. Feel free to experiment with different carrier and essential oils to find the mix that is right for you.