Difference Between Facial Massage and Botox

Posted by MassageTools Staff on Nov 16th 2016

Both facial massages and Botox are common ways for people to improve the skin on and around their face, removing wrinkles and creases that show aging. While both will help, what are the differences between facial massages and Botox?

Facial Massage

Facial massages have been shown to reduce fine lines and help overall skin health. With a good massage oil, people can give themselves a quick facial massage or go to a spa or a professional massage therapist to receive a facial massage. The oil helps keep the skin nice and health, fighting off wrinkles and other marks.

Through facial massage, tension around the jaw is also loosened. Massage also helps increase circulation and helps firm the facial tissue by stimulating muscles in the face. This helps in aiding lymph flow that allows for deeper penetration of creams and serums. Plus, massage is a natural remedy that people can do in their own home.

How Botox Works

This is compared to Botox, which has gotten lots of attention of celebrities that use the toxin to improve the look of their face. Botox, when injected in small amounts, can silence nerves near the injection site and can weaken a muscle for up to a year. When these muscles weaken, they reduce wrinkles and show a smooth overlying skin.

While Botox has been shown to work, it is unnatural and something that must be constantly reapplied as it loses its potency. Facial massage is natural and has been shown to help facial muscles be healthier.

Botox is usually seen as a last resort or as a way to help people with severe conditions. Facial massage is a great preventative treatment that with regular use can provide long-term results that help people look better, but more importantly, feel better about themselves. Before going to Botox, try facial massage and you may quickly see results.