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G5 - Neocussor

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The G5 Neocussor is a gentle, quiet, Directional-Stroking® model designed specifically for neonatal applications. The lungs of a neonate frequently cannot perform the cough mechanism due to their premature condition. The G5 Neocussor provides a soothing, precise treatment to help loosen, and help mobilize secretion build-up in neonates. It is small enough to fit inside infant environmental chambers; is powered by a single "C" cell replaceable battery, and weighs less than five ounces. Comes with two (2) Directional-Stroking disposable applicators and one vibration applicator.

Unit Advantages:
- Soft rubber end cushions unit in the event of a fall.
- Red Arrow indicates the direction of fluid movement.
- Comes with three different applicators.

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