G5- Pro-Power

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G5 - Pro-Power
Highly portable and highly effective, the G5 Pro-Power Massager from MassageTools is perfect for athletes, hard workers and anyone looking to prevent or reduce pain. Weighing only 3 pounds and just a foot long, this handheld device with a soft rubber grip is beneficial before and after workouts and strenuous activities. It is also useful for relief, repair of and resistance to repetitive-motion disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis.

Before an activity, using this device will boost flexibility and reduce the chances of muscle spasms, strains and contusions. Afterward, it will speed the healing process and reduce pain and swelling by flushing out lactic acid buildup in the muscles.

The G5 Pro-Power's head accepts all G5 massage applicators. Variable speed control allows adjustment from 20 to 50 cycles per second.

Professional Portable Applicator Package

The Portable Applicator Package comes standard with the G5 Pro Power and includes the following applicators:
AP216 - Four Ball
AP223 - Two Ball
AP227 - Pointed-Tip
AP229 - Large Round Firm Rubber
AP230 - Curved Sponge
AP235D - Medium Disposable Applicator Covers (25)
AP236D - Large Disposable Applicator Covers (25)

- Portable: only 12" long
- Lightweight: weighs only 3 lbs.
- Hand-held device with a soft rubber grip
- Variable speed control: 20 - 50 cycles per second

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