G5 - Vibracare Hand Held Massager

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The G5 Vibracare Plus Percussor is a durable, hand-held percussor used in respiratory therapy applications. Totally self-contained, and weighing less than three pounds, it provides optimal freedom of movement and portability with a ten foot hospital grade power cord. This model may be used with a variety of applicators and has a continuously-variable speed range of 20 - 50 cycles per second. This combination of applicators and speeds provides for a highly-versatile treatment range. It is the only hand-held percussor/massager to be granted C.S.A's highest medical operational rating.

The G5 Vibracare® Plus incorporates a dial-controlled, variable-speed output, with speeds from 20-50 cps. The G5 Vibracare® Plus is a handheld respiratory percussor for airway clearance assistance and comes complete with a selection of applicators used in respiratory care and corresponding disposable covers.

> Percussion for Respiratory Airway Clearance
> Directional Stroking for Mucus Movement
> Lymphatic Drainage
> Circulatory Stimulation

> Versatile: Provides light to moderate percussion
> Portable: Lightweight and easily carried
> Larger respiratory care applicators (RT-PORT Pkg)
included with the Vibracare PLUS
> CPS (cycles per second) dial on control panel
> 24 volt operation for added safety
> FDA registered
> Disposable applicator covers included for
patient safety
> Self Application System available as an option

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